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At 93, Tun Dr Mahathir shows no signs of slowing down

The world’s oldest elected head of government (and our prime minister) turns 93 years old today!

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Goodbye, rubbish! A zero trash movement is picking up in Sabah

Do you want a trash-free city? These local volunteers want it badly enough that they’re acting on it.

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If you had to run for your life, what would you take with you?

You have sixty seconds to run for your life. What would you take with you?

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Funding hope for the future, one ringgit at a time

As of today, Tabung Harapan or the Hope Fund has raised a staggering RM65 million!

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Domestic worker abuse is an ongoing problem in Malaysia

Cases of migrant domestic worker abuse are not a new trend in our country.

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Here’s a money question, should Malaysia increase the minimum wage?

The announcement of a rise in minimum wage was welcomed by many, but we need to look at its impact all round.

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Sabah’s state cabinet line-up announced by chief minister

After a confusing state of limbo, Sabah’s politics seem to be settling down.

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After two decades of battle, Anwar Ibrahim is finally a free man

Anwar Ibrahim has been released from prison and given a full royal pardon,  following Pakatan Harapan’s GE14 victory.

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GE14 Outcome: Mahathir makes a comeback

It has been more than a decade since Mahathir’s retirement as our fourth prime minister but this year, he returns as the seventh.

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GE14 Outcome: Here is what we know so far

Ballot count results for GE14 were trailing in from early on in the night to the first cracks of sunrise.  And though the political climate in Sabah is still a little uncertain, there are some things we know for sure.