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Young Malaysians band together to clean up Tanjung Aru beach

Would you spend a lazy Sunday morning gathering rubbish along a long stretch of beach? These Malaysians did!

Sabah’s historical Melalap train station collapsed

The collapsed Melalap train station was an important part of our history.

‘Teddy Bear Doctor’ and other Malaysians with a heart of gold

People like the ‘Teddy Bear Doctor” are making a difference in Malaysia.

3 gold medals so far in Commonwealth Games

Our athletes are bringing home golds from the Commonwealth Games!

There’s been a listeria outbreak from tainted cantaloupes

Malaysia might have imported listeria-tainted melons, according to the World Health Organisation.

GE14: Parliament dissolves tomorrow and election fever hits

It’s official, Parliament will be dissolving tomorrow and we are entering our 14th general election!

Philippines orders Boracay closure for six months

Amidst concerns of environmental degradation, Philippines is closing the holiday island for six months.

Indira Gandhi is without doubt a courageous lady

Indira Gandhi is our very own Woman of Courage!

Travel agents may soon be responsible for tourist behaviour

We all chide tourists who behave badly when travelling, but tour agents may soon be the ones responsible.

With Grab taking over, Malaysians hope fares won’t change

If you’ve never taken Grab or Uber before, you’re either well-connected or have a car at your disposal.