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Facts About Marijuana That Will Shock You

Published on 04 October 2017|
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If you puke, faint, or die, it’s not because of marijuana.

Cannabis, weed, herb, ganja, dope, grass, pot or bud – whatever you call it, Marijuana has a strange and a much longer history than you think. Every week, new stats are released to shock the world and support marijuana reforms and its medical benefits.


Here are a few eye-opening facts about Marijuan that will shock you:

Marijuana is HEALTHY for the Lungs.

A study conducted by University USCF and the University of Alabama at Birmingham showed that marijuana is good for the lungs. The team examined 5,000 pot-smokers who smoke it on a weekly basis and found that they had stronger lung capacity and external blowing force than nonsmokers.

A 2005 UCLA paper proves that marijuana contains cannabinoids and THC which actually discourages lung cancer!

Credit: thehunt

No One Knows Where The Term “Marijuana” Came From

Folklores’ guesswork says it’s a hybrid of the names Maria and Juana, two slang terms for a prostitute. Another theory is that the term relates to a Mexican word ‘maraguanquo’ which means an intoxicating plant.

While a variant of nicknames has been coined over the years, the plant is popular by its scientific name alone, cannabis.


Hemp is GOOD for Our Planet.  

Hemp plant fiber is extensively used in rope, paper, canvas, clothes, and its seeds can be used as fuel. A research conducted by the McGill University in Canada estimated that 11/2 to 31/2 million acres industrial hemp could handle all our oil needs.

Unlike tobacco, cannabis plantation improves the soil and cuts back on greenhouse gases. That’s why it’s legal in India, Peru, Uruguay and Iran to harvest marijuana for food and fuel.

Couples That Pot-Smoke Together Stay Closer

According to a study in Psychology and Addictive Behaviors, couples who engage in marijuana smoking together are less likely to experience intimate partner violence.

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It turns everything ten times more interesting in a relationship. Things may get a little weird, but never boring! Plus, weed-infused products can heat things up in the bedroom, resulting in a great sex life.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Earn Significant Tax-Revenue

In its first year of pot legalization, the Colorado government earned around $70 million, which is much more than the revenue earned from alcohol sales. It was so effective that the government announced a one-day marijuana tax holiday, allowing all marijuana-related items to be tax-free.

The Cato Institute estimated that state governments and the federal governments could save over $8.7 million by legalizing cannabis.


Moderate Smokers May Possess Excellent IQ

A study by Carleton University found that cannabis consumers who smoked five joints per week were likely to have higher IQ levels. Marijuana produces well-documented cognitive changes that last for hours after it has been ingested, resulting in better IQ scores.

Credit: psychologium

Pets Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana

Like people, you can treat your pets who are suffering from debilitating diseases with cannabis’s medical properties. Many studies have shown that it improves health in cats and dogs that are struggling with anxiety. Make sure you use prescribed marijuana products for your pets, though.

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Amused? So were we.

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