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The Rise of The Avocado Culture

Published on 10 July 2017|
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It’s all about craving for “avo” these days, as more and more people are getting into the avocado craze, triggering an all-time high for its demand, particularly in First-World countries.

But what is the real reason behind all the avocado craze happening right now? Is there a point to it or is it just a trend triggered by drool-worthy Instagram posts?

Avocado, The Superfruit!

First, the facts. Avocado is known as one of the top superfoods thanks to its high fatty content–the good and healthy kind of fat that your body needs.

Eating avocado on a daily basis gives your body a myriad of nutrients, such as monounsaturated fats, carotenoids, fat-soluble Vitamins A, E, and K, water-soluble Vitamins B and C, folate, fiber, protein, antioxidants (lutein, glutathione, and beta-sitosterol), as well as other trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper. Suffice it to say, avocado is one heck of a superfood and a superfruit.

But even with all of these nutrients, you may still wonder what exactly are the health benefits of eating avocado in the first place. Well, you’d be glad to know

that avocados can help power and protect your body from developing heart disease, cancer, as well as degenerative eye and brain diseases.

The younger generation of avo eaters (most likely, Millennials) would also be happy to know that avocado is great for weight loss and in improving eye, skin, and hair health.

Given all of these major health benefits, avocado does earn the right to be put on a pedestal. There’s at least one benefit that every person, regardless of age and health condition, could take advantage of while eating avocados.

Just ask nutritionists what’s the one food they highly recommend that you eat, even if you forsake everything else, and that’s avocado. That’s how beneficial it truly is for your body from the inside out.



Tastes Good, Looks Even Better (On Social Media)

Let’s get real for a moment here. One of the main driving factors for the rise of avocados is the influx of Instagram-able food posts of avocado dishes. Whether it’s an avocado toast, guacamole, avocado and egg omelet, or what have you, these posts have set a strong foundation for others to buy into the whole avocado culture.

Perhaps we can thank for millennials and their need to take a photo of everything they eat (before eating it). But even then, no one can deny that while avocados do taste good and are actually good for the body, it looks even better on camera and once posted on social media. Who knew that avocado, the superfood, can likewise be considered as the most photogenic food there is as well?



Surely there are other fruits, dishes, and meals that are posted on social media that look just as good. But what sets avocados apart is its substantial health benefits, making it all the more convincing and enticing.

It’s like avocados have become a cool health status symbol at a time where having and promoting a healthy lifestyle has become all the more relevant in the society. It’s almost like saying, “Avocados make healthy living a cool thing,” and people are buying into it.



Win-Win Situation For All

The rise of the avocado culture, as rampant and excessive as it may be, is actually a good thing.

No matter from what angle you look at it, you’ll only see how extremely beneficial it is to jump on the whole bandwagon. Compared to other and less healthy foods, avocados look good, tastes good, feels good to eat (and even put on the skin), and doesn’t end up giving you any guilt if you happened to consume a large amount!

It also does help that avocados are versatile and can be integrated into different kinds of dishes and cuisines. It’s not at all limiting, but instead, it even adds a bit more flavor to every meal.

So the next time you go out for brunch or when you hit the grocery to stock up on food, make sure to reach for that avocado. Sure, they might cost you more than your regular banana, especially during the off-season, but it does give you a ton of benefits not just for your health but also for your social media feed.

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