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Deskercise: 5 office stretches to stay fit

Published on 02 November 2017|
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We use the age-old “No time to exercise!” excuse more than ever these days.

How many hours do we spend glued to our chairs? In this digital era, so many of us are caught in the web of a 9-5 job. The deadlines along with the work pressure have caught up with us, and we end up wanting to be the ‘Employee of the Year’ while ignoring our health (many times just for bragging rights over the rest of our colleagues).

We register for gym memberships and try to block out time for exercise, but at times that just stresses us out even more. We know how it feels, so here are five office stretches you can do right at your desk to give both your mind and body a break.

The Seated Spinal Stretch

Sit on your chair sideways so that your back is perpendicular to the back of your chair. Place your feet on the ground, hold the chair, and twist yourself pulling yourself towards the chair. Take 8-10 breaths while doing the exercise; it becomes a great way to release the tension in your back.

Forward Stretching and Bending

Office Stretches

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When you spend hours in a sitting position, tension starts building into your hamstrings. For a forward stretch, stand on the floor, bend over, and bring your chest closer to your thighs. Take deep breaths and let your head lose.

The Eagle Arm Stretch

This is the most simple office stretch that you can try out. While sitting, reach your arms straight out in front of you by keeping them parallel with your shoulders. Wrap your both the arms around each other and clasp your palms. Repeat on both sides and hold for at least eight breaths.

Seated Leg Raises

To ensure that your legs are active and toned while sitting, all it takes is to extend your legs in front of you. Squeeze your thighs; lift your legs up and do it as a complete set of 15-20 repetitions. This is one of the cool-looking office stretches too!

Wrist and Finger Stretch

We think of office stretches, and we tend to focus on legs, back, and hamstrings. But, as office jobs have us to more of typing; finger and hand stretches are equally important.

Place both the hands on your desk, keep your palms down, and position your fingertips so that they face your body. Hold the stretch until you feel the tension release.

If everything fails, skip the temptation of replying via chat or email and try to walk around the office to get over that mid-afternoon slump.


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