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5 Best Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight During Ramadan

Published on 19 June 2017|
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Tried and tested tips to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan.

While on the outset it might look like Ramadan is a festival of fasting for complete one month. But in reality it can also be looked upon as an unwanted weight gain month. Why? Because after having not eaten for almost the entire day, it is quite easy to get lost in the temptation of scrumptious food ‘overeat’.

This is why it’s really important to have your eating habits in check during this fasting period. If you are wondering how you can keep those habits in check, then here are some things to do to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan:

Eat healthy, not too much

A big reason behind weight gain during Ramadan is because we unintentionally eat too much. If we focus on eating healthy food rather than eating too much, we can avoid weight gain problems. For instance, rather than consuming Arabic sweets every now and then, you can replace them with more fruits and salads. Also, avoiding heavy meals during Iftar is also recommended.

Stay hydrated

Consuming water during the non-fasting hours is a great way to avoid eating too much. Water will not only make you feel full, but at the same time works as a natural cleanser of the body. Therefore, you can avoid gaining weight and at the same time give your body the much needed cleansing it needs.

Choose what you eat, wisely

There are plenty of healthy food options available out there, which taste good without adding too much fat to your diet. Bring home low fat dairy products and stuff like lean meat. By consuming these you will be able to indulge your taste buds in the flavors of tasty Arabic cuisine, without having to worry about gaining those extra pounds.

Eat your soup and salad first

Another trick you can use to avoid eating too much during Ramadan is to begin your meal by consuming soup and salad. This will make your body feel full before consuming the main course. So, you will automatically eat less – a smart trick to avoid overeating and maintain your weight during the Ramadan month.

Adopt healthy cooking habits

Replace those deep fried cooking methods with healthier ones. Avoid fried food, rather than that try to roast, bake or steam cook the items you are going to consume. Bring the fat content in your food down by replacing butter with vegetable oil.

There’s so much that you can do!

Reading all these might seem like you are going through a health blog on weight loss. Well, it is quite natural to feel so. But the reality is that basic principles of weight loss and weight gain are going to remain the same. Hence the solutions will also remain the same. The only thing that needs change is your habits, which you would definitely do if you don’t want to be plumpy and chubby after the Ramadan month. So, are you ready to adopt these changes?

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