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What You Missed Out on Global Scavenger Hunt 2017

Published on 05 August 2017|
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Global Scavenger Hunt- A Blind Date with the world!

Originally known as Great Escape, the Global Scavenger Event Hunt was created by a world traveler, William.D.Chalmers. This is an annual event that looks out for the “The world’s greatest travellers’ who can compete around the world travel adventure competition.

Each year, the competitors are required to travel to and within at least ten countries and four continent. The twist to it is that, the ten countries that they are going to visit is a secret that gets unfolded only on the start date.


The competition checks the participants of Travel IQ which includes overcoming the language barriers, going through the cultural nuances, and maintaining team dynamics in “23 days of traveling across 24 zones through ten countries”.

With series that is culturally oriented rallies, competitors are supposed to attempt a completion of various scavenges and then points are assigned on the basis of difficulty level.

global scavenger hunt

Credit: Facebook.com

And, here is what you missed on the “Global Scavenger Hunt 2017”.

As of 2017, the travelers visited over 75 countries across the six continents.

The event was based on the theme, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

And 2017, scavenges includes the travelling of countries from San Francisco to China,  to Vietnam,  to Sri Lanka, and then from Egypt to Brussels, England to Wales, from  Ireland to Iceland and finally to New York, USA.

This event continued from April 14 to May 6 and was termed as the world’s “real life international travel adventure competition.”

Insights of Scavenges of Global Scavenger Hunt of 2017-

global scavenger hunt

Credit: Globalscavengerhunt

Here is how the various events unfolded for the participants in their 23-day journey:

  • First Day in San Francisco
    • Find out the most famous San Franciscan with the poll of three people.
    • Get a map and locate the three streets with the names of two US capital cities
    • Locate famous Beat-era hangouts.
    • Walk the Golden Gate Bridge to the first tower.
    • Go to St.Peter and Paul Church and figure out who got married there.
  • Vietnam Challenges

Poll the three locals on the specific topics.

global scavenger hunt

Credit: Megaaroundtheworld

  • What is the most common first name in Vietnam?
  • How does food differ in various parts of Vietnam?
  • The meaning of life for somebody living in Hanoi?
  • Bangkok

In the Bangkok leg, the participants were supposed to take a photo of an elephant.

Also, getting a foot massage was one of the challenges.

  • Scavenges in Europe (Cambridge and Antwerp)


  • Go punting on the Cam and see the Backs.
  • Locate the Bridge of Sighs.
  • Ask three locals to explain the difference between “gownies” and “townies.”
  • Explain what occurred in the Trinity Great Court in the movie Chariots of Fire”.
  • Philosophize at one of five specified pubs.


  • Locate four comic murals around the city center.
  • Try some jenever at the pub De Vagent.
  • Go to a pub and find out what churches or stained glass windows mean on bottles of beer.
  • Visit a diamond merchant and explain to them the 4-Cs involved with pricing a loose diamond stone. 
  • Last leg in Dublin
  • Visit the Book of Kells.
  • Take a bike ride through Phoenix Park and find two monuments.
  • Take a picture of four of seven listed statues.
  • Ride a Hop-on, hop-off bus around Dublin.
  • Visit the Guinness Storehouse.

Scavenges after reaching the New York City

global scavenger huntCredit: Megaaroundtheworld

  • Locate and explain Vanderbilt Hall and Omega Clock in Grand Central.
  • Take a photo of “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street.
  • Go on the Staten Island Ferry.
  • Eat at a restaurant on the Mulberry Street.

The winners for the 2017 hunt were Alan and Sydney Ying in the first position, Michael Pavlic and Gillian Shure in the second position, and Thomas and Paula Patterson on the third position.

According to Fushilou (Participant of the Hunt), Global Scavenger Hunt teaches you “How to land in a country with NOTHING,” like no phone, no map, no GPS and still be able to figure out your destination.

Now the Solo travelers are also welcome to join in for this title! Are you game for it?

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