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Modern concept store E+E Living opens in Kota Kinabalu

Published on 10 October 2018|
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The brand takes interior design from imagination into reality, virtually.

Hong Kong-based living concept brand, E+E Living, has made its way to Sabah’s shores. The launch of its flagship store in Malaysia on 10 September was officiated by Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew. E+E Living marks the beginning of new, innovative approaches to interior design here in Sabah.

The brand marries technology with design, incorporating virtual reality into the purchasing experience. That’s right, you can actually see how your room or home will look like before buying the item. It’s yet another dive into the world of using advancements in technology to create better living experiences.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew with E+E Living key management

Better process for both customer and interior designer

At the launch, E+E Living Malaysia (owned by VR Home & Design Sdn Bhd) director Moon Lee shared how interior designers and customers can now see a space as close to its physical form as possible. This not only helps customers decide if it’s really what they want; it also gives interior designers the opportunity to agree or suggest changes.

“With virtual reality, efficiency increases because both customer and interior designer can see exactly what the room will look like. This reduces the number of changes that may have to be made after,” Lee said.

Before virtual reality, customers and designers relied on computerised 3D rendering of a space. While the method gives a fairly good representation of how a space will look like, nothing can beat the immersive experience.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew tries the VR headset

High-quality furniture and living concept spaces right before your eyes

E+E Living is a brand founded in Hong Kong, focussing on making modern living spaces a fixture in every home. Its niche is in using Yuanfang virtual reality software to create the immersive experience.

Managing Director Hu Hai Tao believes Sabah is a prime location for the business to thrive. That’s why the franchise holders decided to open the first E+E Living branch in Wisma T1, Bundusan. When you walk into the showroom, you’ll find remodeled rooms, well-designed concepts and unique colour palates.

“We’re very excited to be bringing this service to Sabah; this is the first branch in all of Malaysia,” he said.

One of the many interior design spaces at the E+E Living Showroom in Bundusan

Liew: Sabah welcomes more foreign investments that will enrich the state

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Christina Liew officiated the opening of E+E Living. Congratulating the partners for a successful launch of their business, she pointed out the importance of foreign investment into the state.

“I’m very happy to note that businesses are investing in Sabah and would like to encourage more foreign investments into Sabah as well,” she said, adding that this would grow the state’s economy, create more jobs for locals and help Sabah progress further.

Liew learning about E+E Living’s business model and its unique service during the launch

E+E Living is breaking a new path for interior design here in the state. We’re excited to see more customers using virtual reality to turn their dream homes into reality, all without breaking a buck!

E+E Living (VR Home & Design Sdn Bhd)

Address: C2.3, Level 2, Block C, T1 Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (closes 5pm on weekends)
T: 088-744 002

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