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Live In Kota Kinabalu: A Fragile, Breathtaking & Powerful Night | Shun Ng & The Shunettes

Published on 22 November 2017|
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By Abe K, Carrybeans

The moment was so gentle that some even hold in their coughs

The night got slower and the atmosphere turned soft as Shun Ng & The Shunettes stepped up to the stage. I had countless moments of wishing I could memorise every note played and remember the beautiful, angelic voices. Held at Suria Sabah Black Box, Shun Ng & The Shunettes presented two nights of unforgettable, powerful music.

This trio (Shun, Angel and Deon), got the crowd going wild over jazz as they introduced us to the magic of one guitar and amazing voices. Loud and clear was a message of love because we clearly saw the love they have for each other and the people around them. After a jaw-dropping opening song, they progressed through the set with graceful fluidity of motion. I was literally on the edge of my seat, amazed by Shun’s crazy talented and funky guitar skills and the heavenly voices of The Shunettes.

Several moments were so reverent that some of the audience dared not even cough for fear of ruining the atmosphere. I would say these moments were “fragile” when time seemed to slow and the world quieten, all in awe of the music. It was definitely a unique experience for me, witnessing the impact of music on people’s hearts.

The greatest gift of them all is the gift of LOVE

With Christmas around the corner, Shun and the ladies performed several classics with a jazzy twist. Shun also shared his take on Christmas, and what it means to him.

When Shun was 11, he celebrated Christmas in Thailand. There, he met other children and immediately felt a connection with them, an experience that changed his perspective on life and the world. On Christmas Eve, instead of singing carols, the children linked arms with Shun and danced a traditional Lahu dance around a bonfire deep into the night.

Together, they drank plain water, ate porridge, laughed and played. And although language was a barrier, Shun shared that he had never felt more “connected” in any other prior experience. None of those children had a Christmas wishlist because of the gift of love, is the greatest gift of all, was what they already had.

A sweet story, followed with an incredible duet

The concert was also intertwined with heartwarming, personal stories. As Shun performed a duet with Angel and then Deon, he would share with us how they met. Getting that glimpse into their lives and friendships made the performances all the richer. It was definitely something to remember.

“Walls” is a song written by Shun himself. It shares the struggles he had to go through when moving to the USA alone at the age of 21 (please do listen to this song, you will not regret it).

Flashlights starts waving in the air

Overall, the show was definitely a great time to unwind and get your dancing shoes on. On the second night of the show, Shun & The Shunettes went off stage and invited everyone to dance! And so we danced the night away. The closing performance, Lean on Me, was the perfect song to end the night and their time here in KK. It was a special moment, so special that the audience members took out their phones, switched on the flashlight and waved their phones in the air without being told to.

If you were to ask me, the night was magical and filled with love.

I think that was what Shun & The Shunettes would have wanted, to share the love. And they were without a doubt successful; the message of love definitely reached the people (yours truly included). After the clapping had died down and the lights dimmed, we filed out of the Black Box — hearts full and music on our lips. All of us here in KK are unquestionably looking forward to Shun Ng & The Shunettes gracing our city with their presence again.

“It was an amazing two nights! It brings great pleasure and joy to us as organising committees to see the show come together and people enjoying themselves. Shun Ng & The Shunettes were amazing artists and there was no doubt they’ve won the hearts of the audiences that night. Personally, for me, Rhythm of Christmas is not only fundraising for Eagles’ Young Leaders Development Program, it is also my desire to bring in quality performances to the KK community. We appreciate every help and support we have gotten around putting the show together. Thank you!” – Abel Teh, Roy Chiew,  Elaine Chew & Carmen Loong, the Organising Committee


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