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How do Sabahans celebrate Hari Raya?

Published on 14 June 2018|
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When you have the aroma of rendang wafting in your home, you know what time of year it is. It’s Raya!

by Tommy Duncan, Carrybeans 

Amidst the ketupat and rendang that we all get to enjoy this season, we must also be grateful that we still have the chance to celebrate this Raya in peace and tranquility. Kaamatan had just ended and we Sabahans are now gearing up for Aidilfitri.

Living in a multiracial country has blessed us with so many holidays and we are truly glad to be able to celebrate the festival with our fellow Malaysians.

But how is Raya celebrated here in Sabah? Here are personal, real stories by Sabahans across the state!

Celebrating 16 years of friendship

Credit: Nicole Kaye

“Growing up not knowing how and where to use the term religion/race and how to even define them, we eventually gave up. [This] led to a peaceful and harmonious friendship that’s standing strong even after 16 years.” – Nicole Kaye

Building unity on a foundation of differences

Credit: Anis Hanani 

“The differences in culture and religion [have formed] the base of our unity which brought us Sabahans together as one.” – Anis Hanani

Everyday is a celebration

Credit: Oli_88

“No matter what event or occasion, [whether it’s] Raya or not, as long as we stay together [we] will make every moment as meaningful as Hari-Hari, Hari Raya. Cherish those moments.” – Oliver Marcus Lim

Hari Raya is a time for everyone to share memories

CreditRioe Yanarch

“Celebrating Hari Raya with friends and family from all walks of life.” – Rioe Yanarch

Whether Muslim or not, we can celebrate together

Credit: sushistreet91

“Celebrating Raya in my family is not only for those who subscribe to the Muslim faith but as siblings and relatives, we celebrate too.” – Tommy Duncan Fahir

From Carrybeans to all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Featured Image Credit: Rioe Yanarch

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