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The World’s Biggest Pizza is Here – Bigger, Meaner, & Delicious

Published on 18 August 2017|
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There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.

What’s more globally delicious than pizza? From frozen pizza in Norway to thick Neapolitan style, and from post-argument to get-together treat, there’s no occasion when eating this cheesy, and crispy heaven isn’t the most preferred option.

And, Fash Asvadi, the founder of PizzaOvens.com and team clearly agree!

Shattering Italy’s record, a team of chefs in the USA created the world’s longest pizza at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Though it was planned to be 7,000 feet in length, the team quit once they had safely sealed the world record for the longest pie. Now, we can say world’s biggest pizza measures 6,333 feet.

Credit: laweekly

The earlier record was set on May 18, 2016, by Napoli Pizza Village in Naples, Italy who cooked an impressive 6,082-foot, 3.4-inch (1.8 km) pizza, as per the official website of Guinness World Records.

The idea of record-breaking attempt hatched around a year ago when some aspiring pizza-industry veterans got wind of Italy’s pizza record. They joined in an enthusiastic team to triumph over adversity and brought the title to their nation. Fash Asvadi led the team and earned donations and serious support from sponsors for managing this delicious wonder to your taste buds. 

The team involved a dozen men in yellow shirts. Some of them were coaxing the oven; some were trimming and aerating dough with the help of plastic tools, while others were gently lifting folds of dough of the scaffolding and then inserting each portion into the 1,000-degree Inferno’s mouth.

Credit: longestpizza

The team started at 7 O’clock on Saturday evening (10th June 2017) and worked until the following morning without a minute of nap.   

But things were not that easy! The team had to struggle to find the best site to cook this gigantic pie. Football fields were too small, and airport runways had strict regulations.

Fortunately, they got the Speedway in Fontana! But since in San Bernardino County, you can’t keep cooked food at room temperature for more than four hours, the health department showed concerns.

Consequently, record-breakers had to sauce and cheese this fantasizing giant par-baked dough before the mega-oven arrived for the final touch. It took two hours for the oven to bake the whole thing.  

Not only that, the team had to follow a checklist of criteria to claim the record. The world’s longest pizza must be at least 20 inches wide and topped with sauce as well as cheese.

Overall, baking the world’s biggest pizza was a constant battle that the team gracefully conquered.  

Credit: longestpizza

Only after the holes were patched and a Guinness representative had proclaimed the new Guinness World Record holder was the pizza served. Most of it was donated to food banks and charity via food trucks, but there was still a large quantity for all spectators to grab a slice or two.

According to RT.com, this massive pie was topped with over 3,000 lbs cheese, and 5,000 lbs sauce and the finished product weighed around 17,000 lbs.

More than 150 local pizza lovers volunteered at the event and helped lay out an enormous mobile oven that could cook 17 feet of pizza per minute with an intense heat of between 700 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.   

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