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What To Eat or Drink After Binging on Junk Food?

Published on 05 September 2017|
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Every one of us deserves an occasional junk food binge without having to deal with the follow up by guilt trip!

Whether it is a big bag of salted crispies or some extra scoops of flavoured ice cream, we all love to binge on our favourite delicacies.

Yes, we agree that junk food is a guilty pleasure but we still can’t stop ourselves from indulging in it once in a while. We will have to go through the feeling of being gassy, lethargic, and bloated, but junk food is an indulgence that we cannot refuse.

So, how you are going to counter the after of the salt and soda you just consumed when you have already binged?

Well, not to worry! As we have jotted down some foods that act as a smart choice to lower down the effects of junk food.

Berries topped up with some yoghurt

If you had a junk food binge last night, go easy on yourself on the next morning. Eat something light or go for something like berries topped up with the yoghurt.

Yoghurt and berries come with it the beneficial forms of bacteria that reduces the inflammation triggered by the salted foods.

Green tea


Known as a great drink for weight loss; if you are looking for a subtle energy boost, go for a cup of green tea. It is rich in anti-oxidants, which prevents the cell damage, stabilizes the sugar, and lower down the cravings.


If you have been feeling queasy after a guilty binge, oatmeal topped with some sliced fruits comes to your rescue.

They are packed with fiber and act as a gentle substitute on your stomach.

Fruits rich in water content 

Sometimes drinking water can be hard on your stomach, however, fruits rich in water content will help to restore your minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. They help to increase the digestion and will also give energy to the body.

Peppermint or ginger tea

If you experience indigestion after your favourite binge then peppermint or ginger tea is the safest liquid to help solve the problem.

These drinks are anti-spasmodic as they help relax the digestive tract and allow the food to pass easily. And, the best part is, these beverages are caffeine-free.


Though these foods will set you back on the track, it doesn’t actually mean that you are free to “rein” on binging.

Happy binging! (But, do limit it would be our advise!)

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