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5 Delicious Foods to Eat in Tawau, Sabah

Published on 13 July 2018|
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Tawau certainly doesn’t disappoint with their food!

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

Some people travel to see beautiful scenery. For some, it’s to gain new insights into the world. But for many others, it’s for the culinary experience. If you fall under the latter category, Tawau is the perfect choice for you.

We recently went to Tawau and one the things that we did is tasting their food, and boy, we had our work cut out for us. There were so many delicious places to eat and we didn’t even manage to go to all of them. But those that we did get to go didn’t disappoint us one bit. So, in this second part of our Fun in Tawau series, we will be looking at some of the best places to eat in Tawau.

1. Delicious dessert – Indo Cafe

From the outside, this shop might seem like any other kopitiam of similar calibre. However, don’t be fooled by the appearance because the taste of the desserts is nothing of the ordinary.

Their Pisang Chocolate Kacang and Pisang Cheese are a must for those days where you just want simple, but yummy treats. On hot days, their Mango Sago and their ABC will help cool away from the heat. But if you want to eat a heavier meal, their selection of fried rice and Nasi Ayam Penyet should do the work just nicely.

Must-try foods: Mango Sago, Pisang Cheese, Nasi Ayam Penyet

Location: Waze, Google Map

2. Cheap breakfast done right – Kedai Kopi Mee Tauhu Tawau

One of the places to eat suggested by kind people of Tawau to us is the mee tauhu. There’s actually nothing much to this dish–it’s just fried noodle with a side of stuffed tofu. With that in mind, we were baffled to see why Kedai Kopi Mee Tauhu Tawau was crowded with people in the morning that we went there. But we immediately understand it once we took a bite of their noodles and stuffed tofu.

Yes, the dish was simple, but the fried noodle and the stuffed tofu was cooked very nicely and served quite fast considering the number of guests that they had. Besides that, the food was cheap, so all is good!

Must-try food: Mee tauhu

Location: Waze, Google Map

3. Yummy kopitiam foods – Kedai Kopi Keong Sang

One of our most favourite restaurants in Tawau has to be Kedai Kopi Keong Sang. It has everything that a delicious kopitiam should have–slurpingly good kon lou mee with scrumptious pork, hot and fresh siu mai, and smooth and silky chee cheong fun. However, one of the highlights of the shop is definitely their king pau.

While they also have your regular sized steamed buns, their speciality is their king pau. The steamed bun was the size of a cake–in fact, the bun even came with its own box when we tapao-ed. The bun is stuffed with pork, pork sausage slices, chicken, chicken egg, duck egg and mushrooms.

Must-try food: King pau, kon lau mee, siu mai

Location: Waze, Google Map


4. Healthy lunch at a relaxing place – Teck Guan Cocoa Village

Teck Guan Cocoa Village isn’t really an eatery per se, but they might as well set up a restaurant. The lunch is included in the day tour of the village, which will set you back RM60 per person. After touring the nearby waterfall, you will be brought to the Cocoa Village where a scrumptious lunch will be prepared for you.

When we went there, we were treated with delicious foods including chicken curry, fried cocoa mee, fried chocolate banana and chocolate prawn (yes, you read that right). Afterwards, plates of fresh fruit were prepared for us, all plucked from the farm itself (which they grow without using any pesticides!).

Must-try food: Fresh fruits, fried organic cocoa mee

Location: Waze, Google Map

5. Seafood galore – Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant

Whenever one mentions any coastal cities in Sabah, one of the things that tourists want to look for is the seafood. Tawau, being a city located in a coastal area, is blessed with cheap and fresh seafood every day. So, if you want to eat some fish or prawns, Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant is a good choice.

The variety of seafood there is outstanding and each one of them will probably make you salivate. If you’re not too big on fish, you can always order their non-seafood option, including some stir fried local vegetables and chicken meat.

Must-try food: Signature fried squid, soft shell crab, fried kangkung with belacan

Location: Waze, Google Map

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