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7 stomach-churning foods to challenge your taste buds!

Published on 23 July 2018|
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If you have an adventurous palate and a stomach made of steel, this is nothing.
By Louise M, Carrybeans

If you have a knack for strange foods, then the dishes on this list may not be as disgusting to you as it is to me. You most probably have not even heard of these bizarre delicacies before.

Foods meant for the brave

Medama (Japan)

Credit: ensisfisheries

Fried, stewed, or lightly steamed tuna eyeballs? Although it sounds and looks nasty, apparently it tastes pretty similar to squid or octopus with a flavour similar to a hard-boiled egg. Begin eating from the dark-brown eye muscles and fats before getting to the eyeball.

Shiokara (Japan)

Credit: Fast Japan

Pickled seafood, typically squid, fermented in the creature’s viscera (innards). It tastes very salty and other ingredients such as shichimi (a blend of chilli peppers), wasabi, mirin or grated yuzu peel are also added for zest. It is left to ferment for up to six months and then served raw.

Shirako (Japan)

Credit: All That’s Interesting

Those are not mayonnaise. Closely resembling a tiny raw brain, this is actually the sperm sac of the codfish. Served cooked, the creamy texture comes through as it softens with heat. When raw, it’s squishier, and almost rubbery, like a raw egg yolk.

Sakura Niku (Japan)

Credit: Goin Japanesque

Literally translated as Cherry Blossom Meat, this actually refers to raw horse meat. Fresh, high-quality horse meat looks like blooming cherry blossoms. You can eat it raw or cook in a hot-pot style. The meat is less common and a bit more expensive than the usual pork, beef, or chicken.

 Escargot à la Bourguignonne (France)

Credit: Eating East

Is your garden infested by those pesky brown snails? Solve the problem by cooking them in a sauce of white wine, garlic, butter and parsley and serve in their shells. Said to be slightly rubbery with a similar consistency to mussels or clams.

Steak Tartare (France)

Credit: Hostelworld

If you like your steak raw, then this is as raw as it can get! It’s made up of good quality raw ground beef seasoned with Worcester sauce and other condiments served with raw egg, onions, capers, and fries.

Casu Marzu – Italy

Credit: All That’s Interesting

Care to try the most dangerous cheese in the world? Have some maggot cheese. The wiggling little maggots are there to enhance the flavour. The excretions that pass through their bodies are essential, as they are what gives the cheese its distinct soft texture and rich flavour.

So did any of these dishes made you go “Yummm”? Or were you just going “Ewww” all the way?

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Featured Image Credit: All That’s Interesting

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