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Say Cheers to Organic Alcohol!

Published on 11 August 2017|
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Going organic has been all the rage in the past few years.

In the United States alone, over 82% of the households buy organic products, and that accounts for almost 50 billion US dollars annually.  Quite impressive isn’t it? The reason why this industry has been growing steadily is simply that organic products are better for our health, and are better for the environment. And that’s an equation everybody loves! So if we are careful about what we eat, or the cosmetics that we use, have we ever thought about the spirits that we drink?

What is organic alcohol?

organic alcohol

Credit: Edible Brooklyn

According to the US Department of Agriculture, organic alcohol is a spirit that when produced cannot harm or pollute the air, the soil, or the water. In other words, the processes do not allow the use of any pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, or other chemicals.
This is incredible news for everyone! Not only is organic alcohol good for the environment, but it’s also good for the people, as it reduces the risks of cancer. On a more practical, day-to-day note, it is also suggested that drinking alcohol that’s free of any chemicals, reduces the effects of the morning-after hangover! Though more research is needed, and moderation is key, a lot of people can vouch for the difference in hangover when you’ve consumed cheap, and ultimately bad alcohol, and a spirit that possesses better qualities.
But wait! There’s more!

What are the uses of organic alcohol?

organic alcohol

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We have already established some of the benefits of organic alcohol in everyday use. But there are so many other ways that it can be used, both for individual and business benefit.

If you would like to create your own, personal fragrance, then you need to look no further than the perfect alcohol to combine it with. Or how about creating your own body care products? Organic cane alcohol is ideal for making shampoo, while the organic grape alcohol is great for mixing a long-lasting room spray. And if you are a fan of cooking, how about extracting natural flavours for that pudding your family has always loved? Now they can enjoy it, and you will know it’s 100% organic!

The possibilities seem endless!

What are some of the best organic alcohol brands?

Frauds are everywhere, and we need to be careful! If we want to buy organic, we need to know what is safe. The Organic Alcohol Company is the oldest distillery in the US. It offers a wide range of alcohol types such as grape, cane, wheat, and more. Tequila Alquimia has been voted as the world’s best tequila, and the greatest part is that it’s 100% organic! Square One is a famous brand of organic vodka, and has been endorsed by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself! They are also trying to reduce their CO2 emissions by adjusting the shape of their bottles.

organic alcohol

Credit: Square One

Alcohol influences our lives in more ways than one, and its organic version benefits us, and the environment alike. Cheers to that!

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