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Beanie Eats: Sabah Chilli Pan Mee, Lintas

Published on 13 January 2018|
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For a pan mee craving with a spicy twist, this place is worth a shot.

by Andy Lo, Carrybeans

It was a sunny day as the Beanies headed to Lintas, Kota Kinabalu to try out a recently opened shop, Sabah Chilli Pan Mee (沙巴辣椒板面). The restaurant is located at a corner shoplot, visible from the main road. When we arrived, the lunch crowd was already filtering in.

At first glance, the restaurant boasts good natural light and tidy interior design. Inside might be quite narrow but there’s adequate space for customers to sit around each table. The restaurant provides both indoor (air-conditioned) or outdoor (fan only) dining.

Being Malaysians, of course we went inside. Free air-con bah!

Tidy interior, friendly service and smiles all around

The friendly and food-filled environment grew my appetite, and for some strange reason, the travel feels. It felt a little bit like a Japanese restaurant (but it’s Chinese through and through) with its clean, tidy look.

After being shown to our seats, the waitress introduced the restaurant’s star dish and popular drinks. We immediately made our orders. I have to say the waiters are incredibly friendly and cheerful in serving. They keep looking around, attentive to the customers’ needs. They also never stopped smiling!

Oh gosh, how can one resist this?

Chilli Pan Mee (RM 8.90) is the restaurant’s main dish (it’s in the name, after all). The dish is made of dry noodles, anchovies, minced meat and a poached egg topped with scallions. A small bowl of vegetable soup is served on the side.

Chilli Pan Mee, RM8.90

First, you have to spoon their special chilli mixture into the bowl. If you like it spicy, tambah lagi. Then, you have to mix everything together so the runny egg coats everything. Personally, it tasted delicious with the chilli!

Then there was the Fried Pork Century Egg Dumpling Dry Pan Mee (RM 11.90) and Traditional Dry Pan Mee (RM 9.90). Wow, everything looked delicious and appetising. The Beanies really enjoyed the fried pork and century egg dumpling — it was a surprise because we usually eat wonton with meat inside. One Beanie even felt it was better than the chilli pan mee.

Fried Pork Century Egg Dumpling Dry Pan Mee, RM11.90

However, there’s not much to shout about the traditional dry pan mee; it was nice but average. And the portion sizes here are just enough for the average person, not great for the big eater.

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For a tasty little snack, you can’t go wrong with something fried

Fried Oyster Mushrooms, RM5.90

Guess what this is? It’s Fried Oyster Mushrooms (RM 5.90) and one serving is just enough for 4 persons. Nicely fried and not oozing with oil, these mushrooms went really well with the sweet chilli-mayo.

Interesting juices for a cool and refreshing experience

It’s always a good choice when you opt for healthy and cold juices on a hot day. Not only do you feel good, your body thanks you for it. Sabah Chilli Pan Mee offers some interesting juices, and we tried two.

The Kedondong Juice (RM 6.90) is a popular choice. At first sip, it tastes bitter and sour but tastes better if you keep drinking. As for the BP Stabilizer Juice (RM 10.90), its colour threw us off. It looks like watermelon juice but is only tinted pinkish-red because of beets. We also ordered a Kopi C Ping (RM 3.90). It was acceptable, with a good balance of sweetness and milk. A definite safe choice.

BP Stabilizer Juice, RM10.90

Overall, I quite like the environment at here and I definitely will come back. You get great customer service and good chilli pan mee, which makes the trip worth it. In terms of price, it’s quite standard for Kota Kinabalu living.

It’s a great place for a quick lunch or lazy date. If, however, you are look for a quiet workspace or large table for a party, this would not be a suitable venue.


Price – OOO
Quality –OOOO
Portion Size –OO
Service – OOOOO
Ambiance –OOOO


Sabah Chilli Pan Mee

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 9.30am – 9pm (Sat-Sun)

Address: Lot 1, Ground Floor, Block A, Lintas Square

Tel: 088-278 626

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