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Pouring the Perfect Pint with Heineken

Published on 31 July 2018|
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Learn the five-step Heineken pouring ritual with The Star Academy of Heineken Malaysia.
By Louise M., Carrybeans

Did you know that beer is the third most consumed beverage after water and tea? Or that it is probably one of the oldest alcoholic beverage? Or how about that there is actually a golden standard to pour a perfect pint?

Heneiken Malaysia’s Star Academy recently invited us to their professional training solutions at Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu. We covered their portfolio of iconic international brands and about their product history and knowledge.  This might not be a surprise, but beer drinkers will be happy to know that beer is actually good. (You shouldn’t use that as an excuse to drink though)

And we were excited that we were hands-on with their five-step pouring ritual!

The Five-Step Heineken Pouring Ritual

Pouring a perfect glass of Heineken draught beer is as much of an art as it is a skill. It only takes five steps to deliver a perfectly poured premium Heineken draught beer for that quality drinking experience.

1st step: Rinse the glass to make it clean and cold.

2nd step: Pour with the glass at a 45° angle for a full, satisfying head.

3rd step: Skim off the foam at a 45° angle to seal the head.

4th step: Check that the head sits on the horizontal line of the star.

5th step: Serve on a coaster with the logo facing the customer.

Need a visual help? Here’s a helpful infographic to aid you with that perfect serve.

Credit: Lipstiq

Through its flagship programme – Heineken Star Serve – frontline staff is trained to pour the perfect pint based on the five-step Heineken Pouring Ritual. According to Thomas Ling, a Certified Beer Server and Certified Draught Master with Heineken Malaysia, professionalism is about consistency. This simple five-step pouring ritual will ensure a consistent pint of their draught beer served to you anywhere in the world!

By the way, would you like to compete to become the best bartender in the world?

Thomas Ling demonstrating the five-step pouring ritual (Photo courtesy of Borneo360)

Identifying the best bartenders

As part of Heineken Star Serve Training Programme 2018, the best bartenders in the country go through a competitive selection of rigorous theoretical and practical assessments. After that, top performers from participating outlets nationwide will compete to be the country’s No. 1. Finally, the top bartender in Malaysia will represent the country at the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In case you didn’t know, Sabahan Eddy Jay Jaimin made Malaysia proud when he became the champion in the 2016 Heineken Global Bartender Finals.

Make sure to drink sensibly

First of all, drinking beer should not be about who can drink the most or about who can last the longest. It should be about having an appreciation for that special kind of brew. So if you’re a beer drinker, please make sure you drink sensibly. (Because what’s the point of drinking until you black out?) And if you’re a bartender, serving the perfect pint can make all the difference!

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