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Make your day better with MoodMojee

Published on 21 November 2018|
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Lift your day and boost your mood with MoodMojee!

by Stanley P., Carrybeans

MoodMojee was recently launched nationwide by Anchor Food Professionals. Through specially crafted drinks, Anchor Food Professionals aims to introduce their product lines while also exploring international food trends and introducing them locally.

Carrybeans had the chance to go on a trip around KK with Anchor Food Professionals to try a few sips of their new beverages, and here’s what we thought of them.

Tangy Brew

The food trip (drink trip?) started with the Tangy Brew at Lucky Bean and what a way to start the journey! As soon as you take your first sip, you will immediately be awakened by the taste of strong coffee. However, as the strong taste of Tenom coffee begins to settle, the mellow taste of whipped cream and cream cheese foam appears. To balance out the flavour bomb, there’s a hint of citrus zest that cleanses your palate. The perfect aftertaste to leave your mouth ready for another sip of coffee.

Lemon Mint Meringue

Imagine the taste of lemon cream biscuits but in drink form—that’s exactly what the Lemon Mint Meringue tastes like! It is a fun experience, because it feels like you are drinking desserts (in a good way, of course). A cup of this drink might sound a little heavy for your palate, but surprisingly, the rich lemon mint vanilla ice blend has a nice creamy balance without being too much for your taste bud. If you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy this drink very much. But, if you don’t, you might find this a tad too overwhelming.

Kayanika Fusion

Kayanika Fusion is a lot like Lemon Mint Meringue, in terms of it being a creamy dessert drink. Having said that, there’s actually more than meets the eye when it comes to this drink. Among all the drinks that we got to try, the Kayanika Fusion had the most traditional Malaysian feel to it. Thanks to the coconut milk, its creaminess comes off less sweet and more subdued compared to the Lemon Mint Meringue. To avoid being too boring, however, they also added a bit of kaya, gula melaka, pulut and red beans. This countered the subtlety and made the whole drink a joy to have.

Pom & Grey Twist

While many of the MoodMojee drinks have a fun and young vibe to them, none of them feel as posh and classy as Pom & Grey Twist. The presentation of the drink is simple, but as you sip, you will realise the taste is anything but. The complexity of the drink comes from the mixture of Earl Grey tea and pomegranate syrup, giving it a complex, yet refreshing taste. At the same time, the layer of cream on top gives a subtle mellowness that balances out the whole drink.

White Chocoffee

White Chocoffee is basically what you get when you try making a chocolate drink and completely nail it. The drink is made by infusing white coffee with chocolate and peanut butter. This results in a rich and sweet concoction with hints of nutty essence in every sip. To top it off, the layer of cream makes White Chocoffee a classic, indulgent treat for all chocolate lovers out there.

Yuzu Chocolate Surprise

One might think that the sweetness of chocolate and the sourness of citrus would not go well together, but one would be sorely mistaken. Yuzu Chocolate Surprise is made from mixing iced chocolate with Yuzu (a type of citrus fruit found in Japan, Korea and China) puree. The drink is served complete with salt lemon mint candy all along the rim of the glass. We personally think Yuzu Chocolate Surprise was the weakest among the six drinks we tried that day. But you might still like this if you happen to like simple chocolate drinks without all the heaviness of cream.


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