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Beanie Eats: McDonald’s Rio Burger and Durian McFlurry

Published on 20 June 2018|
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We are not “loving” McDonald’s Rio Burger.

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

The FIFA World Cup is happening right now and brands all over the world are celebrating the occasion by introducing exclusive products in conjunction with the event. For McDonald’s, Rio Burger is the answer.

The burger that made a comeback

If you think you have heard of Rio Burger before, you’re not wrong. McDonald’s introduced the burger way back in 2016 during the Rio Olympics. Two years later, they’re bringing the burger back in conjunction with the World Cup.

But why “Rio”?

We realise that Brazil is one of the top football teams in the world, winning the World Cup five times before. However, considering that this year’s tournament is held in Russia, we thought it would have been better to have a Russia-themed burger? Beef stroganoff burger, shashlik burger, morozhenoe ice cream–there’s literally a handful of Russia-inspired foods that McDonald can create. So, picking “Rio” as a theme was strange for us.

Sad and disappointing

Since the Chicken Rio Burger (RM16.50) was a new addition this year, we decided to order that set at McDonald’s, Suria Sabah. The set comes with fries (ours was cold and a bit soggy) and a glass of coke. My assumption based on the ads were that we’d get a glass of Coke McFreeze along with the set, but we weren’t offered that.

The football-shaped bun was cute and quirky. Unfortunately, the insides weren’t as tasteful as outside–if there’s one word to describe it, it would be “sad”. The burger looked like it was put together without care: shredded lettuce and carrots were just thrown in with the small dollop of the Spicy Rio sauce acting like a glue to keep the lettuce from falling all over the place. The patty and the cheese were placed on different bun halves rather than on top of one another, so in some parts we could only taste the cheese and in others, only chicken meat.

The sauce was definitely nice, albeit spicier than I thought it would be. However, there wasn’t much sauce unlike the one shown in the ads where the sauce literally oozes out of the burger. This made the burger be quite dry in our mouths. Meanwhile, the chicken patty tasted pretty average and looked like an over-sized chicken nugget.

Overall, the burger was just underwhelming and I’d definitely pick other burgers from McDonald’s instead of buying Rio Burger again.

Corn-flavoured durian?

It’s no secret that most Malaysians love their durian. Durian crepe, durian cake, durian ice cream–you name it! McDonald’s decided to bring back the popular Durian McFlurry (RM8.99), which we also ordered. As with the Rio Burger, it was pretty underwhelming considering how much they hyped it up.

The sweetness was quite overpowering, so it’s hard to distinguish the durian taste. Even when we tasted the durian, we were still very confused because it tasted a lot like artificial corn flavouring. If you have a sweet tooth, you might just like it. But if you’re expecting an authentic durian taste, you might end up disappointed.

You can do it better, McDonald’s!

Eating the Rio Burger was not the experience that we expected from McDonald’s. When I think of McDonald’s, the first thing that crosses my mind is the quality burgers they have. Unfortunately, Rio Burger doesn’t remind me of that. McDonald’s often considered as one of global’s leading fast food chains, but our experience this time around wasn’t one to remember.


Price – O
Quality – O
Portion Size – OOO
Service – OOO
Ambiance –OO

(Note: ‘O’ = the lowest, ‘OOOOO’ = the highest)

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Featured Image Credit: McDonald’s Malaysia

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