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The Best French Restaurants in NY

Published on 03 August 2017|
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“Between their rich buttery sauces and the artistry they’ve brought to pastry, French food has long been the envy of the world.”- Anonymous

The French know no boundary as they bring love, comfort, and passion in every form. In a French kitchen, you’d find savoury splendors fueled by fervor and enthused by their motherland. Linger at one of NY’s best French restaurants and you’ll discover scrupulously thought-out menus, je ne sais quoi wine lists, divine clientele and trance of love in décor.

From icons to newbies, here are the top spots to get your next duck confit, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and baguettes in New York.


No restaurant in New York has ever opened to impossible-to-satisfy demands of foodies than Balthazar.

Balthazar’s menu of amped-up French-accented classics, occasional celebrity sighting, and romantic Parisian interior makes this French Brasserie channel Manhattan electricity. It also boasts masterful hands in meat and poultry dishes with a collection of fish entrees and a bar 0f whole raw oyster and shellfish.

french restaurants in NYC

Credit: ruebarue

Le Bernardin

Dine in a world-class seafood on a higher plane at this dazzling midtown Manhattan star.

Eric Ripert’s ever-evolving menu contains the transcendent French seafood with a grand French wine list. Organically French in its cooking techniques, their kitchen is stocked with exemplary sauciers, fish cooks, and pastry chefs who are skilled in delicate and ancient haute cuisines.

Take look at their dining room! It feels like Persian three-star, ideal both in service and style.

french restaurants in NYCCredit: thedailymeal


Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Daniel is one of America’s most eminent chef-restaurants.

From gently handled swordfish and roasted hen breasts to rosemary-infused creamy soup, everything is cooked to perfection according to French culinary tradition at Daniel’s. The Boulud’s kitchen remains at the heart of devotees of grand French cooking as the excellence of it’s ingredients, the striking neoclassical architecture, the VIP service and dressed-up clientele will sweep you into another world.

french restaurants in NYC

Credit: danielnyc

Le Coucou

Daniel Rose, the young, internationally acclaimed chef of Spring and La Bourse et La Vie in Paris, is the star of the show.

Lovingly sculpted into charming Parisian settings, La Coucou reminds one of storied French kitchens. Glints of old-fashioned French grandeur can be seen throughout its menu, which includes foie gras and lobster spooned out in copious ways.

Ideal meals you’d never want to miss when at La Coucou are: Leeks and hazelnuts, veal tongue with caviar, bourride, and chocolate mousse.

french restaurants in NYC

Credit: theneotrad

La Bonne Soupe

Several blocks away from Times Square, this cozy, red-checkered bistro serves American taste with a surprising French twist.

The restaurant serves good life, health, wealth and happiness in the form of food, as its name translates to. Cream-spinach omelette with mushroom, bunless burgers with chopped steak, thin-cut fries, Parisian crepes and divine onion soup hits its French bistro menu.

Many make their way here for a quick bite while sitting in the dimly lit balcony of this longtime Midtown pinch hitter.

french restaurants in NYC

Credit: blogspot

Rotisserie Georgette

If you love flames, this is the place where you should be right now!

It’s partly open kitchen with fine meats poultry and fish, turning over open flames as it evokes an instant feeling of comfort and sophistication. With the abundance of rustic French offerings, decadent potato dishes, mouth-watering desserts and heart-warming cocktails at the bar, it completes the picture of a perfect meal.

The soul-satisfying French-American delicacies are prepared by top chefs,  Stephanie Abrams and Francisco Blanco.

Credit: ciderplex

So, next time when life gives you a chance to be in New York, make sure you make your way to one of this foodie heaven!

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