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Adelphi & Co: Bringing the Best Coffee Experience to KK

Published on 07 March 2018|
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Adelphi & Co and INCH Coffee will be hosting world-famous barista, UM Paul, over the next few days. Don’t miss it!

Adelphi & Co is well-known in Kota Kinabalu’s foodie circles for its quality ingredients and precise flavours. Inspired by modern European and Asian flavours, each item on the cafe’s menu is curated so that the elements combine to create a refined gastronomic experience that hits the right notes.

Credit: Adelphi & Co

As one of KK’s coffee culture pioneers, it’s therefore not surprising that Adelphi & Co also strives to bring the best coffee experience to its customers. Whether in-house or through world champions like UM Paul, here’s a little more about this cafe in Damai, its approach to coffee and of course, UM Paul’s visit over the next few days!

Every cup of coffee starts with the coffee bean

According to Adelphi & Co barista, Eric Chin, there are many things to consider when creating a ‘balanced’ cup of specialty coffee. These include quality of beans, method of preparation and of course, aesthetic presentation.

Credit: Adelphi & Co

“The right grind size brings out the best flavour of coffee beans, and different beans have unique flavour notes. We also only use a specific volume of foam (Adelphi’s White) as we believe it creates a better balance,” Chin said.

The art of presentation contributes to every coffee experience

But more than bean quality and taste, there’s also the art of presentation. And that’s where latte art comes in. Chin’s signature ‘rose art’ clinched him the runner-up spot at KK Coffee Festival 2017 Latte Art Competition. His latest design is a ‘swan’.

Tangkayo creating his swan art

“As a barista, we are happy whenever we see customers appreciating our latte art. It takes hours and days of practice to get any design right. Also, when it comes to specialty coffee, we really encourage customers not to add sugar as the sweetness may overpower subtle flavour notes. But at the end of the day, to each his own,” he said with a laugh.

Top it off with ‘1+’ service and you’ll get a caffeine high

As with any food experience, service is key. Every cuppa in a cafe is enhanced by a barista’s choice for excellence and a server’s passion for quality. We’re sure you’ve been to places which left an unpleasant, bitter taste in your mouth, not from its food but lack of service.

But at Adelphi & Co, emphasis is always placed on an attitude of service and humility. From kitchen to management staff, co-owner Roy Chiew emphasises the ‘1+’ service approach. This means going the extra mile to ensure every customer walks out satisfied with what the cafe promises in food, coffee, ambiance, service and experience.

South Korean barista who amazed the world with ‘Tinkerbell’

As you can see, Adelphi & Co takes its coffee seriously and seeks to always deliver on quality. So it’s not surprising that together with INCH Coffee, the cafe is bringing World Latte Art 2016 champion UM Paul to our city over the next few days!

This South Korean barista floored the world with his ‘Tinkerbell art’ at the World Latte Art Championship 2016. For him, coffee is personal. He once described latte art as “a close friend who’s always looking at me and think[s] about me“, and says his latte art is very much created based on his feelings.

UM Paul will be creating latte art for you over the next few days

Here’s the good news: all of us in KK will get a chance to order a cuppa by the man himself.

UM Paul served it up at INCH Coffee last weekend and will be at Adelphi & Co today (13 March) from 11am-2pm and 7-9.30pm. Head on over and get your day’s coffee fix later! 

For more information on UM Paul’s visit, contact Adelphi & Co at +6012 8293989.

Featured Image Credit: Eric Chin’s Swan Art / Adelphi & Co

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