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Beanie Eats: Kedai Kopi Yee Fung, Gaya Street

Published on 27 July 2018|
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Yummy Sabah-style Curry Laksa Noodles and more.
By Louise M, Carrybeans

Gaya Street is most famous for the Sunday market, but did you know that the stretch also has many good places to eat? There’s a restaurant there that’s been around since 1984 that started as a small noodle stall. Now, this “stall” is famous for its Curry Laksa Noodles.

It’s not only the locals who patronise this restaurant. Visitors to Kota Kinabalu make this a pit stop to make sure they get a taste of its well-known laksa. Fortunately, we have prepared ourselves before going to Kedai Kopi Yee Fung as we were already expecting a full house when we arrived for lunch. A sign that the food must be good.

Please wait, the food is worth it!

Always busy and packed with people, business was doing really well. The marble-topped tables and round stools give off a feeling of an old kopitiam. We didn’t have to queue as we were lucky to get a table within three minutes of waiting. As soon as we were seated, we could already see the giant menus on the four corners of the walls. Very quickly, a staff handed us a menu for a closer view.

After taking a quick look at the menu, we already knew what we wanted. The staff was efficient in taking our orders and they were all very accommodating. Probably because they get a lot of non-locals visiting the shop, they have perfected their hospitality.

The selection of foods to fill up hungry tummies

The choices of drinks to quench your thirst


Cooling down from the afternoon heat

We ordered a glass of Teh Maderas Ping (RM3.50) and the Ice Umbra Juice (RM4.00). Both drinks were a welcome treat during the afternoon heat. The Teh Maderas tasted quite similar to teh tarik but the way it was presented made it look even more interesting. As for the Umbra juice, it is made from the kedondong fruit and served ice cold with sour plum. The taste is sweet with a hint of sourness and something else I couldn’t quite decide. No matter, it was super refreshing and highly recommended!


Best eaten while it’s still hot

The Yee Fung Laksa (RM8.50) is what this place is famed for. It took less than 5 minutes after we ordered for it to arrive hot and fresh at our table. The medium-sized bowl was filled with thin rice noodles, tofu puffs, bean sprout, sliced omelette, shredded chicken and topped with chopped celery and lime (limau kasturi). With a yellowish and milky soup, the visual alone made us ready to dig into this dish.

We were expecting to be hit with a heat from the curry. However, the soup was very light, sweet, and milky with a mild taste of curry. For laksa lovers, this might not be the typical laksa you are used to. Nevertheless, the taste still satisfied our laksa appetite and we slurped the soup non-stop.

Next was the Claypot Chicken Rice (RM8.00). The special sauce from the chicken tasted a bit like Chinese wine or lihing. The same sauce was also poured generously into the rice which helped make the dish more appealing. Served with chunks of lightly salted fish, slice mushroom and omelette, topped with an egg, and garnished with a lettuce leaf, we mixed it all together before we scooped it onto a plate for easy eating.

The taste of the sweet sauce and the saltiness from the salted fish blended really well together. We only stopped to sip our drinks to cool us down from the hot afternoon sun.

Note: Be very careful with this dish as the pot could burn you. 

Chinese Cabbage and Lettuce with Oyster Sauce (RM6.00). The orange from the shredded carrots made our greens look more appetising. The vegetables were nicely cooked with some hint of crispiness but other than that it was a dish we can all have at home.

A place for inexpensive deliciousness and efficient service

We were happy with our dishes and admired the service given. By the end of our meal, there were already people standing and waiting for their turn to sit down. Without wasting any more time, we had to cut short our usual post-meal conversation. After paying for our lunch, we headed out of the busy restaurant for their next customers to take their seat and enjoy their meal.



Price – OO
Quality – OOOO
Portion Size – OOOO
Service – OOOOO
Ambiance – OOO


Kedai Kopi Yee Fung

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 6.30 AM – 6 PM,  Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays 6.30 AM – 4 PM

Address: No. 127, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact no.: +6088 312042

Website: www.yeefunglaksa.com


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