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Beanie Eats: Jabez Café, Damai

Published on 30 December 2017|
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By Olivia James, Carrybeans

Jabez Café: Simple, Homey and Filled With Love

It’s been a while since I stepped foot into a café that does not have the typical hype and modern feel to it. Instead, simplicity, cosiness and love surround the four walls of the eatery.

Jabez Café. This humble and brightly-lit café was decorated with little Christmas trees to welcome the long-awaited season, meaningful bible scriptures hung up on high so people be reminded of God’s grace and love. Did you know the first thing that came to mind? I’m home.

Jabez Café provides two options for its customers – indoor or outdoor dining. Hence, the Beanies opted for the latter. It was nice eating in an open-air setting plus, it wasn’t hot (shade & fan) but unfortunately, it was noisy. It was just bad timing because there are construction works going on. Due to that, we moved indoors.

Noodle Variety

Fish Sauce Bee Hoon (RM 8.50) would’ve tasted nicer if more fish sauce is added to the noodles as this dish lacked flavour. So as what we Sabahans will normally do to tackle this “issue”, I added some chilli to save the day and yes, it tasted better. Also, I requested no meat in my dish and (thank God) they filled the dish with a generous amount of egg and greens. It was something to be thankful for. All in all, this dish was palatable. Great service, Jabez Café!!

For the portion and the taste of Wet Fried Kuey Teow + Wattan Egg (RM 6 + RM 1.50), this dish gets our thumbs up. Some of the Beanies even will order this the next time they come here.


A Hint of Italy

Surprisingly, their Carbonara Spaghetti (RM 8) was worth the money. Not only that it was creamy, delicious and satisfied our taste buds, but also its price tag can give other carbonara dishes from atas-atas restaurants a run for their money.


Rice Is Nice

Next, BBQ Pork Rice (RM 8.50). It is one of the dishes that the Beanies will come back for. Meat was tender and glazed with soy sauce. It wasn’t served as hot as we expected it to be but it is still a definite recommend from us!

Tofu Minced Meat Rice (RM 8.50) may sound (and look) simple but once we took our first bite, we could taste a little hint of rice wine or Lihing. Taste-wise, it wasn’t plain at all, but unique. However, those who detest the taste of Lihing might want to opt for something else on the menu. Aside from that, this local-infused dish was a delight!


Something Light and Filling

If you crave for neither noodles nor rice, Toast Ham Cheese (RM 6) would be the perfect pick.  With its crispy bread, savoury ham and a reasonable amount of mayonnaise, this dish is suitable to be devoured for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Your pick!

Delightful Dumplings

The sauce served with the Cheese & Tomato Dumpling (RM 10) was leaning towards the sweet side, which does not complement the dumpling itself. The sweetness of the sauce was, unfortunately, overpowering so we couldn’t really taste the dumpling. According to one of the Beanies, the western-inspired sauce and the eastern-origin dumplings do not really make a good pair.

Who would have thought that most of the Beanies actually prefer eating Vegetarian Dumplings (RM 5 for 5 pcs). Fresh and flavourful mushroom, cabbage and carrots as fillings could even turn the hearts of the carnivores in the Beanie family.

We sure did order a lot of dumplings on this edition of Beanie Eats because what we have next is both the Steamed Dumpling and Fried Dumpling (RM 10).  To be honest, there’s nothing really much to say about this dish other than its good taste. So for those who prefer to be on the safe side during your food adventure, do give this a try!

Quench Your Thirst

Do you love Milo and ice-cream? Then place an order for Milo Goon (RM 8). It is a Milo smoothie topped off with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.

Their Cincau Susu (RM 4) was much diluted and hence, it didn’t have that sweet factor. But it was still ok la.

Season Fruit Juice (RM 7) was basically passionfruit and slices of orange. Perfect for the hot, sunny day here in Kota Kinabalu!


Dining at Jabez Café was truly a homey and lovely experience that everyone should give it a try! Eating homey food in a homey setting which also showcases God’s love to us—what’s not to like?


Price – OOOO
Quality –OOOO
Portion Size –OOOO
Service – OOOO
Ambiance –OOOO


Address: Taman Tai Tet, Jalan Paku Pakis, Kota Kinabalu

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (09:00 AM  – 10:00 PM), Sunday (CLOSED)

Contact Details: 088-277 155 ; jabezcf@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JabezCafe/


Any other eateries that you want the Beanies to check out? Please share with us in the comment section below!

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