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Beanie Eats: Furball Heaven, Kota Kinabalu

Published on 06 December 2017|
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By Eleni K, Carrybeans

Furball Heaven: A getaway for an overdose of cuteness

My goshhhhh! SO CUTE! *goes around trying to catch the little puppies*

We were swamped with cute-little-cuddly-furry-four-legged creatures the moment we walked into this café. They were so friendly to the point where you just want to pick them up and play with them before even ordering your food.

Furball Heaven, located in Lido Plaza is the first of its kind that we, the people of KK, have been graced with. It couldn’t have been a better addition to the booming café culture that we are experiencing. This café does not only serve food and drinks but more than that, as seen on its name, they have dogs and puppies that the customer can play with. How cool is that?


The power of fries

At this café, we learned to never underestimate the power of “Fries”. As someone who loves fries (RM 6.90) and I’ve tried many from different places, this is one of the best that I’ve tasted. Served hot and every single strip being well seasoned to perfection, this is heaven with every bite! We initially thought it was “just fries” but we couldn’t be more wrong. It is not “just fries”, it is “The Fries”.

Waffle, rice, cheese chicken, fried chicken

1, 2, 3, cheese!

We thought that the fries was it but nope. The cheese sauce was tastily amazing and it was just so..so..good. If you are a cheese lover, go for anything on the menu that has the cheese sauce on it. We had one of their signature dishes, Cheese Sauce Chicken Rice (RM 15.90). The chicken was crispy and a little dry but the sauce complemented the whole dish and brought it to a whole new level. Their Corgi Cheesy Chicken (RM 21.90) was pleasant to eat too. The waffle was crispy, light and well seasoned. The chicken was juicy and the cheese sauce induced the extra kick for this dish with every bite.

Milkshake affagato

Freakshake anyone?

We had their Golden Retriever Caramel Vanilla (RM15.90) and it was like drinking cotton candy. This particular milkshake comes with fresh popcorn and it was soothing to be drunk on a hot afternoon. The Pawffogato (RM10.90) was visually pleasant but we weren’t into its taste. It was just an okay for us.

Stuffy atmosphere? Hygienic?

“How clean is this place?” “Would there be dog fur in our food?” “Would it be stuffy?”

Those were some of the questions that were playing at the back of our minds. Upon arrival, we were quite surprised by how light the air was in that place. It was not stuffy at all and there was zero animal odour!  The place was well kept and the whole environment was clean. We, however, found 1 strand of fur in one of our food but no biggie.

GiftsGood news for dog owners!

Besides serving good food, they also have gifts and dog accessories that you can purchase. On top of that, Furball Heaven also provides grooming services. Good news! Dog owners can bring their furbabies to this café but be sure to abide by the rules to ensure customer safety and the cleanliness of the café.


We can say that we couldn’t stop eating what we ordered and also, couldn’t stop playing with the dogs while we dine there. We had so much fun doing both. What a way to wind down after a hectic week!

This “overdose of cuteness” getaway definitely made it to our list of best weekend hang-outs.


Price – OO
Quality – OOOO
Portion Size – OOOO
Service – OOOO
Ambiance – OOOO


Address: Lot 7-0, Ground Floor, Lido Plaza, Kobusak, Kepayan, Sabah, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday & Friday – Sunday (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Thursday (CLOSED)

Contact Details: 016-813 6188


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FurballHeaven/


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