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Beanie Eats: Fook Yuen and Food Around It, Damai

Published on 23 December 2017|
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Fook Yuen and Food Around It: A Smorgasbord of Local Delicacies

We Sabahans really have it hard; there are so many types of food available that it is a wonder we manage to decide where to eat when out with friends.

But not all foods are created equal (in quality, taste or price). So, we have made the ultimate (and delicious) sacrifice. We ordered a table of delicacies from Fook Yuen and the various stalls around it.

Now, we can definitely tell you that most of the foods are totally worth the calories!

First impressions are important

Photo Credit: seats.my

Claustrophobic folks may opt to just tapau their food because the area is very cramped. Tables and chairs are arranged so closely to each other that you can clearly see each rice grain from the nasi campur that the next table is having. Some shops have tables prepared inside their shop, but we preferred eating outside as it was more airy.

And true to how kopitiams usually are, the place can get quite loud and may reek of cigarette smoke. But if you can get past all that, you will definitely experience a world of culinary wonders at a very affordable price!

Let’s talk about the food

In case you haven’t noticed, we ordered 10 different dishes, not including each dish for the mixed rice/noodle. So, let’s tackle them one by one!

Disclaimer: The foods in the area are not limited to what we reviewed. There are many other stalls selling a variety of other delicacies. So, if you do a little bit of legwork and wander around the area, you will be pleasantly surprised at the choices available!

Fook Yuen’s Roti Kahwin – RM 1.70/serving

If you are a roti kahwin enthusiast, it is impossible to not have heard of Fook Yuen’s very own roti kahwin. Just search for any recommendation sites for food in Sabah and there is a 99% chance you will find Fook Yuen’s famous version included in the list.

Living up to its reputation, each bite of the roti will send you to culinary cloud nine. Thick slices of butter and generous amount of chilled homemade kaya (coconut egg jam) will definitely make you crave more. One of the Beanies even thought she was eating ice cream with her first bite!

Now, just imagine eating this for breakfast with a cup of hot teh-c on a rainy morning. Yum!

Pork Dumplings (Steamed and Fried) – RM 7.00

Non-halal. One thing that I know about many Sabahans is that they love their pork, so we just had to order this dish! We have tasted many other pork dumplings before and we must say the dumpling here can give the others a run for their money. If anything, we think the accompanying chili sauce could have a little bit more oomph to pair better with the dumpling.

Fried Fu Chuk – RM 1.80/serving

This assortment of fu chuk was simply put, very nice. The fried goodness was crunchy, making it the perfect snack while waiting for your other food to arrive. There is plain fried fu chuk as well as ones with sticky rice, but the we recommend the one with the stuffed pork (non-halal)!

Chee Cheong Fun – RM 3.00/serving

The chee cheong fun was a great appetiser. As the sauce was not too thick, the acidity from the pickled chili made the dish thoroughly enjoyable — all without spoiling your appetite.

Pisang Goreng – Starts from RM 1.00

This pisang goreng is definitely one of the best fritters that we have ever tasted before. The coating was very crunchy while the banana itself was sweet and soft, so the contrast of texture was delightful. Plus, the fritters were served hot, so you don’t have to worry about it being cold and rubbery.

Steamed Yam Cake

The steamed yam cake with its complementary chili sauce is very good! The cake was served warm and it basically melts in your mouth when you have a bite of it. The only comment we have is regarding the chili sauce: it wasn’t enough!

It’s often a sauce that makes the dish, and this chili sauce fits the bill. So you might want extra chili sauce with your steamed yam cake if you are a fan of spicy food!

Mixed Rice/Noodle Dishes – Around RM 6.00 (depending on your choices)

At Fook Yuen, you’ll find the usual fare for mixed rice. There’s fried chicken, tofu, brinjal and vegetables. However, do not let the simplicity fool you; none of the dishes will disappoint you in taste.

There are many stalls that sell this type of food, so you can have different type of dishes every day. So, if you do not really feel like eating anything fancy, grabbing a plate here will fill you up nicely.

Ku Chai Fritters – RM 1.20/each

If you have had your lunch but you are still craving for something to munch, do try the chives fritters. The fritters are crispy and savoury, which was perfect for an afternoon snack. We did not dip the fritters into any sauce.

But we are pretty sure it would taste amazing with the chili sauce from the steamed yam cake (yes, still not over that chili sauce).

An array of tasty, inexpensive choices

In a nutshell, the food here is affordable and tastes great. We had a pleasant time filling our bellies with the good dishes offered by Fook Yuen and other places around it.

So we’d say eating here is definitely worth it. However, if you are looking for a quiet and comfortable experience, this is not the place to visit because it can be cramped and warm.

One thing to note: The traffic condition in Damai is quite terrible, especially during peak hours. The road here can be a little bit congested and parking can be a challenge. So, plan your trip accordingly.


Price – OOOO
Quality –OOOO
Portion Size –OOOO
Service – OOO
Ambiance –OO


Address: 1, Lorong Pokok Kayu Manis 2, Luyang Commercial Centre, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday (06:00AM – 11:00PM)

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