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Bazaar Ramadan food favourites that must not be missed

Published on 11 June 2018|
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The food that you must get your hands on and later stuff your mouth with.

by Louise M., Carrybeans

Strolling along the many bazaars during the month of Ramadan is a feast to the eyes. The selection of foods available is countless and at the same time, tempting. You arrive with empty hands and by the time you reach the end of the lane, your hands are already full. Out of all the bags of food items that you’re carrying, there must be at least one that completes your visit: the must-eat dish.

From sweet to savoury, these are some yummy favourites


Glutinous rice balls coated with shredded coconut and a hidden sweet surprise

Exuding the fragrance of pandan, it just triggers you to have a bite. The crunch of the shredded coconut balances the chewy texture of the glutinous rice ball. As you bite one down, the melted gula Melaka (palm sugar) oozes from the inside and brings the taste together to create a delightful dessert.

Ayam Masak Merah

Chicken in creamy and spicy tomato sauce

The colour just screams attention! The sauce has a nice yellowish and reddish colour from a blend of different spices and oil. With a taste of sweetness, a tad of sourness, and a bit of spiciness, this will definitely be an enjoyable experience to your palate.

Ayam Percik

Grilled marinated chicken with creamy spiced coconut milk sauce

The look of a slightly burnt chicken might not look appealing but don’t be fooled! Marinated for hours in spices such as lemongrass, coriander, and cumin, this grilled piece of meat is a crowd pleaser. But that’s not all! Topped with a thick special sauce, the taste of the chicken is brought to life by the coming together of different spices.


Meat coated with creamy coconut milk and spices

Beef or chicken? It all depends on your choice of meat. But a rendang dish that is cooked to perfection is simply delish! It takes hours to prepare but the end result is so satisfying. Just a spoonful of this gives you a taste that is quite intense. The tender meat is covered with thick sauce and layers of flavourings from different spices such as galangal, lemongrass, chilli, and ginger.


Glutinous rice with coconut milk cooked inside a hollowed bamboo tube

A simple yet tasty rice dish that even tastes good on its own but pairs extremely well with the flavourful rendang! It has a mix of sweet and salty, and a subtle hint of woodsy smoke. The bamboo tube is placed upright and slightly slanted on a small fire. In order to cook it evenly, the bamboo is turned regularly until done.

Ramadan favourites you can enjoy the whole year

Will these dishes be your favourite, too? Or perhaps they already are! Most of the foods that are sold during the bazaars are, fortunately, available throughout the year. But getting them during the Bazaar Ramadan somehow makes them so much more delectable.

No Bazaar Ramadan near you? How about checking out this place for more delicious food?

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