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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Chinese Cuisine

Published on 12 June 2017|
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Chinese cuisine is renowned for its unique taste as well as being exceptionally nourishing.

When it comes to good tasteful foods, Chinese recipes have been a yardstick of distinction in the culinary world. They are renowned for their unique taste as well as being exceptionally nourishing. Well, contrary to popular belief, Chinese food is not just Ramen and Rice. The authentic Chinese cuisine comes in a wide variety of flavorful delicacies such as Wontons, Dumplings, Chow Mein, Spring Rolls, Gong Bao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork. Due to the growing popularity of Chinese food scene, you’ll definitely find a Chinese restaurant in any city or country. However, you cannot experience Chinese food completely without eating your way around its complexities in China.

Generally, Chinese cuisine is tasteful and flavourful. If you’re yet to experience the diverse culinary heritages of China, here are some reasons why you should definitely try Chinese cuisine at least once in your lifetime.

Bite Sized Yet Filling

Chinese foods are always enjoyable because they are served in small portions. This makes it easy for consumption and they are very filling. The small size allows you to savor the ingredients and relish the meal.

Steaming Makes it All Better

Dunplings - Chinese cuisine

Chinese food is mostly steamed instead of being baked. All the original Chinese recipes are steamed because back in those days, ovens weren’t present. Now, steaming is a form of slow cooking which absorbs the ingredients and produces the best taste. Desserts particularly, the cakes and buns are steamed and this makes them soft and tasty. Steamed spring onions and shrimps are perfect toppings for the desserts. This is something you will only find in Chinese cuisine.

Assorted Dishes

Chinese Cuisine

Many people perceive Chinese food as a sole cuisine just like Italian or French cuisine. This is however not the case; there are over 57 regional styles of food in China and each region has its local cooking styles. This means that there are regional refinements and nuances when it comes to Chinese Cuisine and it cannot be viewed as one. A particular meal can be cooked in several unique ways with different types of ingredients. The diversity of dishes comes from the Chinese different ways of cooking. There is steaming, baking, boiling, smoking, deep frying, stir-frying and braising. Every dish has different texture and flavors oozing which makes every single one a must try.

Deep Fried Goodness

Chinese Cuisine

The famous thing about Chinese food is their deep fried ingredients, which always have the perfect balance of flavors and coating which is again, only found in Chinese food. They season the meat before coating, and it creates a texture in which there is crispiness on the outside and tender, a flavorsome bit on the inside. To talk about deep fried foods, their spring rolls are what are known for the perfect balance and eaten all over the world.

Keeps Your Health on Track

Things don’t get any better when you are getting mouthwatering taste along with nutrition, and Chinese cuisine is exactly the kind. All the original recipes of Chinese food are prepared to keep people healthy. There isn’t any imbalance of saturated fats or extra spices. Every dish carries the goodness of a complete healthy meal. Chinese food will surely satisfy your taste buds without blowing your diet.

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