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10 Food Blogs You Have to Check Out

Published on 15 June 2017|
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Getting to the right place for the best food in town can be a little difficult when there are numerous options and especially when you are a tourist. In such cases, blogs and websites are what guide the way for all food lovers to the best deals combined with great taste. Talk about Malaysian food and our mind instantly pictures the delicious bowls of rice, noodles, seafood and assorted desserts. Malaysian food blogs have been quite famous for their active service that interests those who have a hard time deciding on what to go for.

So, we’ve decided to share our favourite blogs to visit for edible inspiration. Here are some of the best Malaysian food blogs that capture food adventures you’ll love.

1.    HungryGoWhere.my


Malaysian Food Blogs

HungryGoWhere helps you to find the best places to eat according to the food that you want to eat. It posts about four times a week, therefore is really active and responds fast to client queries. The blog features an extensive Malaysian cuisine recipes and condiments. In fact, it’s a great culinary reference when looking for an entertaining food blog to read.

2. EatDrink.my

This blog covers the best deals in Kuala Lumpur and has complete information about the restaurants and other food places. EatDrink KL features reviews and stories of people and their experience with the food in Kuala Lumpur. The blog highlights great excitements with dedication to food.

3. Vkeong.com

The blog is particularly famous for reviewing street and hawker food in Malaysia. It also offers food guides for Melaka and Penang. Vkeony blog publishes about six posts every week. The blog owner writes about mouth-watering and healthy recipes, as well as food guides.

4. Malaysianchinesekitchen.com

Malaysian Food BlogsMalysian Chinese Kitchen handled by Linda and Paul who aim to make people aware of the tasty Malaysian food along with recipes given in written and video tutorials as well.

5. KenHuntFood.com

Malaysian Food Blogs

KenHuntFood is exclusively made for the best food searches in Penang and aims to provide all information for food-loving people who wish to dine there. The blog showcases visually-appealing foods from several restaurants across the city to inspire readers to give them a try.

6. Magazine.foodpanda.my

Malaysian Food Blogs

Foodpanda is responsible for presenting with all the food options in Kuala Lumpur primarily focusing on fine diners. It simply lists down the famous restaurants and keeps changing it every week. It posts about once every week.

7.  Malaysianflavours.com


Malaysian Food Blogs

Malaysian Flavours is handled by a couple – Summerkid and Summergirl, featuring several food places and travel options in Malaysia. The couple travels to different places and restaurants and then comments on the food.

8.  Theyumlist.net

Malaysian Food BlogsTheyumlist is a complete travel blog that discovers the best food places in town along with places to stay. It makes about eight posts every week and is people prefer it because of their response rate to messages and other queries.

9.  Spicysharon.com

Malaysian Food Blogs

Sharon is the founder of Spicysharon blog. Her blog features several categories including food. She’s a food lover who was born in Malaysia and loves to write about every place where she eats and about delicious foods she ate. She combines her posts with pictures to make it more happening and useful to the viewers.

10.  Wendyinkk.blogspot.com

Malaysian Food BlogsThe blog answers all cooking questions and posts different recipes with respect to the Malaysian cuisine. It particularly interests people for the focus that Wendy puts on baking and the delicious food she prepares. She posts once every week but worth the wait.

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