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Attention, parents! Video games do benefit your kids

Published on 07 January 2018|
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by Stanley P, Carrybeans

I still remember an event that happened in my university days: I was happily playing a game on my phone when the landlady of the rental house made snide remarks. She went on a rant about how video games are not beneficial and proceeded to ask about my academic results in an attempt to prove her point.

But I cannot really blame her. Video games have always had a bad reputation among concerned parents. Sure, there are many games that are not suitable for children for its level of violence and sexual content. However, that is not always the case; there are many other games that have positive effects.

So, here are some benefits that come with playing video games!


Not all video games turn children into couch potatoes

Gone are the days where playing video games means sitting on the couch the whole day. Games, like the Just Dance series, will require you to get up and do serious physical work. Not only does it mean a good sweat, it also helps improve coordination.

Credit: Flickr.com

Video games also improve your vision. One study has claimed that playing action video games helps people discern various shades of gray against a uniformly coloured backdrop. Other research has also shown that people with lazy eye showed significant visual improvement when playing with their lazy eye.

Try these games: Just Dance series, Guitar Hero series, Pokemon GO


Yes, they can be brain food (no, seriously)

Hmm.. Where to start with this one. Well, video games help improve problem-solving skills, reduce stress, improve memory and other cognitive abilities, and improve creativity, just to name a few. There are many studies that show positively effects on brain structure, functionality and behaviour.

Besides that, video games are a great source for learning. Children can feed their interest in specific topics. For example, some games use actual historical events in their story line, while others introduce animal characteristics and habitats. Children interested in making their own video games might even learn coding or game design.

Credit: Ubisoft

And to kiasu parents, some studies even suggest that video games helps produce better surgeons!

Try these games: Professor Layton series, Assassin’s Creed


They help deal with and overcome disabilities

This may came as a surprise, but research has shown that video games have positive effect on kids with autism. Yes, they help them to interact and communicate more with others. Ones that require multiple players help improve social interaction.

Credit: Pixabay.com

Video games may also help people overcoming dyslexia. Playing require intense concentration since the players needs to follow instructions that they are given and complete goals and missions. This actually helps dyslexics improve their reading ability.

Try these games: Skylander, Call of Duty, Minecraft


So, there you go: the benefits of playing video games. That being said, parents should always monitor what games their children are playing and of course, control the amount of time spent with that console. Here’s a tip; play good ones with your kids! Not only you can monitor what they are playing, you can also spend quality time with them.

What video game do you like to play? Share with us in the comments below.

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