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Pokémon Day: 7 Designs Over 7 Generations

Published on 27 February 2018|
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Pokémon is celebrating its 22nd anniversary, so let’s look at some of the creatures’ designs over the years!

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

This morning, I was notified by Pokémon Go that today is Pokémon Day. February 27 commemorates the day the original game was released on 27th February 1996 and this year, they are celebrating its 22nd anniversary! If you’re interested for what the day has in store, check this out:

At the time the original game was released, who would’ve known that the franchise would become so popular? Now with seven generations of the core game series and 807 different Pokémon altogether, it’s definitely one of the top names in the gaming world.

So, to honour the day, here are my personal favourite Pokémon designs from each generation.


1. Generation I: Ninetales

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

When people talk about Generation I creatures, they immediately think of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Charizard. While the aforementioned characters do look beautiful, I had to pick Ninetales instead. The Fire-type Pokémon just oozes beauty and elegance. Despite its harmless look, one shouldn’t make them angry because according to its Pokédex entry, “Those who cross it even once will be cursed for a thousand years, along with their descendants”. Yikes!

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

Generation VII introduces Alolan Ninetales, and again, the design doesn’t disappoint.


2. Generation II: Suicune

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

Suicune is based on Qilin, a creature from Chinese and East Asian mythology. Suicune is the embodiment of north winds and has the ability to purify dirty waters, which I totally can see in its design.


3. Generation III: Rayquaza

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

The designers over at Game Freak (the series’ developer) really nailed Rayquaza’s design. Its original design is a mechanised Chinese dragon, which looked really cool. But when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the designers outdid themselves by introducing Mega Evolved Rayquaza, which looks totally bad-ass in its shiny form.

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia


4. Generation IV: Leafeon

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

All of Eevee’s evolutionary line is great and it’s very hard to choose one over the other. But if I had to choose, I’d go for Leafeon introduced in Generation IV. Its Pokédex entry says that its cellular composition is closer to that of a plant than an animal. So, Leafeon is basically your potted plant and dog/cat all in one.


5. Generation V: Chandelure

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

Personally, the designs in Generation V are a bit weak. Most of the 155 new creatures introduced in the generation feels a bit meh. But, if I have to pick one, I’d go with Chandelure. The design is based on a chandelier (well, duh!) and according to its Pokédex entry, they apparently can burn up a person’s spirit, leaving only the body behind.


6. Generation VI: Xerneas

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

If you’re looking for a way to become immortal, Xerneas is your answer. Apparently. it is able to grant eternal life. Xerneas is also quite powerful since it has the ability to create forests!


7. Generation VII: Primarina

Credit: Game Freak, Bulbapedia

When Game Freak announced its pre-evolution, fans all over the world (including yours truly) slammed the poor designs. But I totally changed my mind when they revealed Primarina’s design. The whole evolutionary line reminds me of The Ugly Duckling and that makes me love them even more!

What other designs that really caught your eyes? Share with us in the comments below.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company, Destructoid

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