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The End of Teen Wolf: Super Finale And The Characters We Will Miss

Published on 22 September 2017|
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“Not all monsters do monstrous things.” – Lydia Martin 

Let’s admit it: Teen Wolf was our television guilty pleasure.

Though one of the most popular MTV series just wrapped up with a bang, accepting Teen Wolf Season 6 as the super finale put many (including ourselves) on remembrance and sobbing mode. We will definitely reminisce the high school setting, the killer action choreography, and of course, the completely and utterly unforgettable characters.

Here are the Teen Wolf’s best characters we miss like crazy and want to see on screen again:

Scott McCall – Tyler Posey

Like mother, like son! “Teen Wolf” hero Scott McCall is one-of-a-kind. It’s not because he has superpowers, but Scott stood out because he’s unequivocally a great guy overall. The coolest teenager of the show and True Alpha, Scott is willing to do anything for his family and friends.

His bromance relationship with Stiles is truly inspiring, too.

Lydia Martin – Holland Roden

Lydia is probably one of the smartest, honest, funny and gorgeous character on the series (and on set!). She is a Banshee, a previous “associate” of Peter. In the beginning, she is bit shallow and spoiled, but gradually she starts to care about people around her genuinely. And we love it.

Stiles Stilinski – Dylan O’Brien

With the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 1 in 2011, Stiles became an instant fan-favorite: geeky, sarcastic, outspoken, extremely clever and a kind-hearted guy, too! However, Stiles became the opposite of the man he was before being fully possessed by Nogistune in Season 3.

Though he doesn’t have superpowers, over the course of six seasons, Stiles turned out to be a complex and integral character of the show. Of course, let’s not forget that he was head over heels with Lydia.

Alison Argent – Crystal Reed

Scott’s first true love, a skilled archer, and the youngest Argent family member! Alison grew from a scared girl to a gifted hunter that’s up for any challenge. Her death in Season 3, while saving her best friend Lydia from Nogistune, was downright heartbreaking for audiences the world over.

Coach Bobby Finstock – Orny Adams


And who could ever forget Coach Bobby Finstock? He served as a comic relief throughout the series, and that’s enough reason to miss him.

Who else did you miss on the show?

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