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5 Strange and Interesting Guinness World Records

Published on 29 June 2018|
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If you think the world you live in is bizarre, you won’t be in any doubt after reading this.

The Guinness Book of World Records has released their new Guinness World Records 2018 book, and there are strange, heartwarming and at times plain wacky records on the list!

Whatever your reaction, the truth is that this planet is made up of all sorts of unique, interesting people (including you and me). Here are five records in the 2018 Guinness World Records. Happy gaping!

1. Senior citizens with a love for tattoos

Names: Charles Hemke and Charlotte Gutenberg (USA)

Record: Most Tattooed Senior Citizen (Male) / (Female)

This power couple are a true testament that age is always just a number! Aged 77 and 69 respectively, Hemke and Gutenberg have inked 97.5% of their bodies in tattoos, and even hold additional records: Hemke for most number of tattooed skulls (376) and Gutenberg for most number of tattooed feathers (216).

Credit: Guinness World Records

2. A whole tonne of stickers

Name: John Fischer (USA)

Record: Largest Sticker Ball

The sticker ball, fondly known as Saul, is a result of more than 200,000 stickers pasted on it. Fischer leads StickerGiant, a company based in Colorado, USA. He led his staff members and together, created Saul whose last known weight is 231 pounds! A lot of love has been put into this ball, as can be clearly seen.

Credit: Guinness World Records

3. Never-ending fingernails

Name: Ayanna Williams (USA)

Record: Longest Fingernails on a Pair of Hands (Female)

This bubbly lady has fingernails measuring a combined total of 18 ft, 10.9 inches! According to her interview with Guinness, Williams began growing her fingernails around 23-24 years ago. That’s as long as some of us have been born. And for those of us who enjoy painting her nails, it takes Williams up to a week to paint all her fingernails.

Credit: Guinness World Records

4. A really expensive milkshake

Name: Serendipity 3 (USA)

Record: World’s Most Expensive Milkshake

Firstly, this is an expensive experience altogether. New York restaurant Serendipity 3 promised nothing less with their LUXE Milkshake.

If you don’t believe us, get this: your milkshake glass is adorned with more than 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Then, comes a long list of ingredients that are as pricey as they sound: Jersey milk (cows from the Channel Islands), Devonshire clotted cream, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Madagascar vanilla beans, 23 karat edible gold, whipped cream, Le Cremose Baldizonne (donkey caramel sauce) and Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino cherries.

Credit: Guinness World Records

5. Following in Gandhi’s footsteps

Name: Venkat, St Ann’s and Venus Group of Institutions (India)

Record: Largest gathering of people dressed as Mohandas Gandhi

You read that right. After four hours of figuring out their positions, 4,605 students dressed as the non-violence activist achieved a new world record. The attempt was held at Kanteevara Stadium, Bangalore. All the pupils aged between 6 and 12 wore Gandhi’s famous dhoti and shawl, along with fake moustaches, glasses and bamboo sticks.

Credit: Guinness World Records

We hope you’ve been inspired to create a world record of your own, because the Guinness Book of World Records shows us that human creativity is limitless.

We’re a bunch of talented individuals, and we all have something to offer! So if you’re hoping to break a record, head over to Guinness Book of World Records and find out which one’s calling to you.

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