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Movie Review: Skyscraper

Published on 24 July 2018|
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 It is kind of mission impossible, but it is possible for The Rock.

by Oliverra M. Lim, Carrybeans

Enter yet another action movie from Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock. In Skyscraper, it’s easy to transport yourself between hundreds of floors with elevators and machines (elevator technology is a real thing, guys), but no one in their right mind would do it with their arms and legs.

But then, Dwayne Johnson isn’t no one. Armed with duct tape, he’s unstoppable.

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Unreasonable, yet possible

Do you have the courage to leap into an inferno? In the film, Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) immerses audiences in heart-pounding and fiery suspense, especially when he almost falls from the tallest building in the world. Framed for a crime he did not commit, Will finds himself caught in a high-pressure situation. He must evade capture, save his family and find out who’s responsible.

A security expert who makes his living assessing the safety of buildings, Will travels to China with his family to inspect The Pearl, the world’s tallest building constructed by Asian mogul Zhao Jong Li (Chin Han). Then, everything goes up in flames when The Pearl catches fire.

After the movie hit the big screen, social media went abuzz with theories that the iconic scene of Will jumping from the crane to the skyscraper is unreasonable, as an ordinary man simply cannot make such a giant leap. Wow, extraordinary. What’s funny is that although theory called it impossible, The Rock nailed it.

It’s clear that it doesn’t matter how difficult the path is if it leads to him saving his family trapped in the building. Driven by his strong desire, Will conquered the impossible. Theories aside, this movie teaches us that if we have dreams, we need to chase them as hard as we can in order to have the future we want.

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Believe and work hard, a timeless truth

Sometimes, or often, painful or bad experiences can stop us from doing what we love. These experiences have a bad habit of disrupting our routine and our lives. A former FBI agent and US war veteran, Will wears an artificial leg after losing his limb in an earlier mission. You may think that movement would be limited, especially with theoretically impossible leaps in the plot, but Skyscraper’s hero charges through the story with ease.

Whether fighting with his prosthetic leg or without one at all, Will wins pretty much every time. Amazingly, he acts so well that I think even the cast had a hard time believing it was acting. That goes to show that with hard work and belief, you can make anything happen.

I’d also like to say that as in real life, good values are passed down from generation to generation. Will’s son, Henry (Noah Cottrell), suffers from asthma and battles hard with the deadly smoke inside the building. However, he doesn’t give up, displaying a strength and determination to survive just like his father.

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At the end of the day, family comes first

The other members of the Sawyer family, wife Sarah (Neve Campbell) and daughter Georgie (Mckenna Roberts) (Georgia Sawyer) play important parts in rounding off the family dynamic. It’s clear from the film that Will is a family man who puts his loved ones first.

Throughout his clash with the police force and even in the face of terrorist king Kores Botha (Roland Moller), Will puts his family first and nothing will stop him from being reunited with them. He will do everything to protect his family from danger.

All in all, a feel-good film that motivates. And as always, The Rock never disappoints.

Rating for Skyscraper: 8/10

Did you know that Skyscraper is Dwayne Johnson’s third film this year after Jumanji and Rampage?

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