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Tune in: do you know your local radio stations?

Published on 06 March 2018|
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In the good old days, Sabah VFM was known as Rangkaian Biru: Siaran Pelbagai Bahasa.

by Tommy Duncan, Carrybeans

I remember those days; the blue plastic plate hung on the door of my mum’s office in the old RTM building, greeting me whenever I hung out there after school. Fast forward to 2018, and many more radio stations have sprung up like mushrooms.

Many of our radio stations are unique to Sabah or Borneo. So next time you’re stuck in traffic or chilling at home, here are some stations you can tune in to! 

Hitz FM Sabah

Credit: Hitz FM

Priding itself as the #1  English-language radio station in Malaysia, hitz FM is managed by Astro Radio Sdn Bhd. This station reaches a national audience, playing mainly chart-toppers and popular hits from both local and international artists. Tune in at 100.8 MHz in Kota Kinabalu and 99.8 MHz in Sandakan.

Kupi Kupi FM

Credit: Kami Bah Ini

This community-driven radio station first hit the air on 20 January 2016. This interesting station aims to nurture local youth and talents as well as communities to raise their economic status through mixed media.

A radio station that’s ‘100% for Sabahans by Sabahans’, its deejays speak in Sabahan Malay. Kupi Kupi FM plays various Sabahan tunes, including Kadazan-dusun music, Bajau, Chinese, Malay songs. The station also makes it a point to feature local rising talents.

Its tagline is Kita-kita juga baini, meaning “It is us after all”. Tune in across the state at 96.3 MHz.

Sabah FM

Sabah FM is a Bahasa Malaysia-language radio station owned by national broadcaster Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). Catering for the general listener, Sabah FM airs news updates at the beginning of every hour. Songs played include tunes from both local and international singers.

With its tagline Bagus Bah, you can hop on their frequency at 89.9 MHz (Kota Kinabalu).

Sabah VFM

Credit: MyKlik RTM

Yes, this is the only radio station in Sabah that sees different languages on one platform. You can find Kadazan, Murut, Bajau, Mandarin, English and Dusun being spoken or sung here!

  • Kadazan: 6-9am
  • Chinese: 9am-12pm
  • English: 12-3pm
  • Bajau: 3-7pm
  • Murut: 7-9pm
  • Dusun: 9-12pm

Tune in to Sabah VFM at 92.7 MHz or Astro Channel 870.


Credit: kk12fm.com

Has anyone heard of Auntie Patrin? Well, she is one of the DJs from this radio station! Transmitting over the frequency of 89.5 MHz, this station was built on hopes to make local radio more informative and entertaining.

The number 12 was chosen as it is the middle digits in ICs borne by Sabah-born Malaysians. What is really interesting is that the station posts funny videos of Auntie Patrin (played by Amy D) about KK life and happenings. Check the videos out here!


Credit: VOK FM

VOK FM or Voice of Kinabalu is an online Sabahan Malay streaming station. It features local topics and promotes Sabah’s culture and heritage to younger listeners. VOK FM was launched on 16 September 2017 (Malaysia Day).

If you feel like tuning in, listen to the radio here.


Credit: MY FM

Catering to Chinese-speaking listeners, MY FM has maintained its position as Malaysia’s leading Chinese-language station with more than two million listeners! It’s a sister station of Hitz FM, Lite FM and Mix FM as it is also managed by Astro Radio Sdn Bhd.

Basically, languages used are mainly Mandarin and Cantonese. But in Sabah we get to listen to Hakka too! Get on board at 104.0 MHz.

Do you listen to any of the above radio stations? Or are there other stations you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below?

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Featured Image Credit: Milivoj Kuhar

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