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ROCKNEO 18 promises unforgettable night with local rock bands

Published on 05 September 2018|
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ROCKNEO 18 will undoubtedly rock your socks off!

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

Sabahan music fans out there: here’s your chance to rock out with our local talents. ROCKNEO ’18 is an upcoming rock concert and it will feature six Sabah underground rock bands. From post-grunge to indie rock and pop rock, the organiser promises a quality rock concert by Sabahans, for Sabahans.

A night of quality music to pump you up

ROCKNEO ’18 is a rock concert aimed at showcasing the talents of local musicians and providing a stage for them to show what they are capable of. The team behind ROCKNEO ’18 is Bornaya Events, the very same team that brought us Velvet & Marsha Live in KK a few months back.

According to Event Director Richael Gimbang, ROCKNEO ’18 hopes to highlight local bands and they believe live shows are a good way of sharing and appreciating good music.

“We want to gather local talented bands in Sabah by providing a stage and platform for the bands to perform and showcase their music as well as to drive the local community into better appreciation for homegrown music.”

– Richael Gimbang, Event Director

The team is aiming to make ROCKNEO known as an event that showcases rock bands in Sabah and eventually, all of Malaysia. They also want to bring in quality to the show in terms of the line-up and the sound, so expect the show to be absolutely satisfying and enjoyable!

Introducing local rock bands to the Sabahan landscape

There will be six bands performing on that night, including B.O.I.L., The Jethroes, Chugs on Deck, Me Gusta!!, Suistereo, and Buzzing Joker. All of the performing acts on the night are locals, but the organisers made it an effort to feature not only the urban bands but several based outside of Kota Kinabalu too. Way to go.

According to Darryl of Me Gusta!!, participating bands hope the event will be a stepping stone for local musicians to be more recognised in the public eye.

“We hope this kind of event can open up eyes and minds [of Sabahans] to local bands.”
– Darryl, Me Gusta!!

And cymbal crash! Here’s how you can join in the fun

You can catch ROCKNEO ’18 at Drum Asia Live KK (Oceanus Waterfront Mall) on 23rd September, from 5.00 PM onwards. If you’re a music fan, why not support the local music scene. You can buy the ticket on their website (www.rockneo18.eventbrite.com).

You can also buy tickets from the bands themselves or from Music Monster Academy, where students rates are also available. The prices of the tickets are RM15 (student, RM25 (pre-sale), and RM35 (door).

For more information, you can contact the organiser at bornayaevents@gmail.com. You can also visit their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

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