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Review: Walking Dead S8E1 – Zombies!

Published on 24 October 2017|
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By Abe, Carrybeans

SPOILER ALERT: For the sake of your own happiness, please do not carry on reading if you haven’t caught the first episode of Season 8 yet! Carry on only if you’re ready for a load of talk on zombies.

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“Totally did not expect that to happen.”

For all TWD fans out there, Season 7’s finale was a shocking and an emotional one. Watching Sasha sacrifice herself by injecting her body with a poison created by Eugene and discovering how the Scavengers double-crossed Rick, in the end, was really gut-wrenching. There were also moments of thrill with the scene involving Carl being saved by a huge tiger, and of course, the final battle scene is one to remember. The saddest scene by far, however, was witnessing Maggie and Jesus having to put Sasha (now a Walker) down.

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So when Season 8, Episode 1 finally aired yesterday, I caught it as soon as it was released online. It was a great start to the season as Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel rallied their communities together to take down Negan and the Saviours. Gregory, Leader of the Hilltop, shockingly sides with Negan! I totally did not expect that to happen. It’s been a while since the fans of TWD get to see a large group of zombies, so it was nice to see a horde again. Let’s hope we see more zombie masses as the season goes on.

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It was also hugely satisfying to see the Saviours’ building destroyed by zombies with lots of gunfire. And I have to add that Father Gabriel is turning into a more likeable character; I hope he doesn’t get killed off.

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“All in all, Season 8 looks promising.”

All in all, Season 8 looks promising. TWD has yet to fail in delivering an amazing plot, great character development and of course, zombies. It’s lining up to be another season of thrilling television, with unexpected deaths and shocking scenes just around the corner.

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Are you a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead too? Let us know what you think about Season 8 in the comments below; Abe’s always up for conversations on zombies. 

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