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Movie Review – Thor: Ragnarok

Published on 30 October 2017|
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By Eleni K, Carrybeans

Sipping my ice lemon tea and popping popcorn into my mouth on a Friday night at Suria Sabah, I was catching Marvel’s latest hyped-up movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

Mmmmm…What a good start to the weekend.

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I was excited to see what was in store in this particular film not only because I’m a fan but also because of the cliffhanger from the last show — what’s next for these Asgardians? You can refresh your memory about it here.

“The soundtrack was meh, but Thor: Ragnarok was on point in its lighting and CGI.”

Thor: Ragnarok definitely was on point in terms of its lighting and CGI but not so much on its soundtrack. I thought the soundtrack was meh (I still think Baby Driver has the best movie soundtrack so far. That’s a story for another day). The storyline was pretty much predictable but I thought adding a new character in in the form of “The Grandmaster” was a plus. It added a light-hearted element in the midst of all the war, crazy-evil-sister-on-the-loose and tension that was going on. Also, Thor’s chemistry with both Loki and Banner were totally on point.

There were a couple of things that stood out for me.

1. Things may not always be as they seem.Thor and Loki knew only what their father showed them growing up but there are always two sides to the story. Having a sister that was never mentioned at the family dinner table and growing up knowing only half the story of your origin definitely shows there’s more than meets the eye. Not forgetting that all the while Thor was trying to prevent the Ragnarok prophecy, which was happening anyway — insert deep life-changing lessons here.

thor, ragnarok

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2. Trying too hard.This one was not a win for me. Two minutes into the first scene of the movie, Thor made canny joke-like remarks towards Surtur and these comments continued throughout the movie. At one point I was like, “Did I purchase a ticket to a Thor movie or a comedy?” There was, however, one scene that to me was genuinely funny: Thor and Banner having a sit-down conversation on the streets of Sakaar. That was legit funny.

“Thor and Banner having a sit-down conversation on the streets of Sakaar… was legit funny.”

3. Loved the new characters, especially Hela, Valkyrie & Skurge. They played their characters well. I was surprised that Cate Blanchett pulled off the Goddess of Death character so well like she was made for it (not forgetting that bodysuit that made everybreathing female being envious). Valkyrie, an okay character for me at the beginning but I came to like her by the end of the movie because of the chemistry that she has with Banner and also a possible build-up of romance between her and Thor (but that’s yet to be seen). Skurge is a character that expresses himself mostly with his facial reactions and this is much harder to pull off than having lines. He carried his character well throughout the movie.

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Overall, I would say that it was an okay movie because I expected so much more from Marvel. Plus, the whole “trying too hard” bit was a turn-off for me, and that resulted in me not enjoying the movie as much as I thought I would.

Against the ratings of 8.3/10 from iMDb and 96% from Rotten Tomatoes, I would give Thor: Ragnarok a 7/10.  

Maybe not quite a good start to the weekend but hey, don’t kill me for this. It’s just the honest opinion of an avid movie-goer =)

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Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok yet? Let us know your thoughts about the film below!

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