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Movie Review: Tomb Raider

Published on 22 March 2018|
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Growing up, who didn’t know Lara Croft?

By Eleni K, Carrybeans

She’s been one character people keep talking about and posters of her are wall favourites by video shopkeepers. Through the years, Angelina Jolie as Lara was all we could envision, until now…

Tomb Raider: reckless bravery and relentless determination

Alicia Vikander is not a newbie in the acting scene. This Swedish actress has appeared in numerous films alongside A-list stars. Her career credits include The Danish Girl (starring opposite Eddie Radmayne), The Light Between The Ocean (with Michael Fassbender), Euphoria (with Eva Green), and Jason Bourne (with Matt Damon) just to name a few. However, nothing was quite like her performance as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Credit: Fan Fest

First, let’s meet Lara. A courier girl who loves boxing and little adventures in her pursuit of money, Croft takes on the challenge even though she is the heir to Croft Holdings. Why not just sign the paper and inherit all the wealth? In doing so, Lara would have to declare her father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West) dead. That isn’t something this feisty lady is prepared to do until she’s certain of it.

But when her finances become really tight, she decides to go ahead and sign the papers. There, Richard Croft’s lawyer gives her an ancient puzzle from her father, and she discovers something much more interesting then just signing the papers. Her father might still be alive. There is something that no one sees and has to be unfolded by her. How does this pan out? What will Lara have to do to become the Lara Croft?

Relentless and reckless

One of the key characteristics that made this courier girl transform into a fearless tomb raider is that she is relentless pursuit and recklessly brave. Lara is not someone who sits and does nothing in the midst of adversity but goes all out to survive and achieve her goals.

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft / Credit: Warner Bros

With such a determined character at the fore, you can expect this movie to be packed with action, blood, sweat and the famous ‘Lara Jump’ (this you have to see for yourself). But that is not all what Lara is about. In becoming Lara Croft, we were also introduced to her humanity, vulnerability (that headlock death scene, though) and painful groans. It really makes you feel as if you’re there with her as she struggles to step up and become the person she needs to be, which is what any great movie is about.


Some parts were out of line

There were a few things that I feel didn’t add up.

In one conversation with her friend, she’s asked, “You are not going to be late tonight, right?” — a question that was left hanging and never picked up again throughout the movie. Also, Lu Ren (played by Daniel Wu) could have been developed further with more character action onscreen; it need not be as much as his character in “Into The Badlands”  but a little more would have been great. Richard Croft’s expression at the cave, too, could have exuded more feeling and depth.

Solidity at its core

That being said, however, Tomb Raider has a solid storyline and good character development. There was little room left for the audience to figure things out but I think that’s a good thing with the intensity of the film. And trust me, it does get real intense in some of the scenes. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

For me, this movie is a true representation of what Tomb Raider is supposed to be in terms of movie delivery: solid storyline, action packed with intensity and straight-to-the-point cause we humans can only take so much!

With that, it’s a solid 9/10 from us at Carrybeans!

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