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Movie Review: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Published on 19 December 2017|
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By Eleni K., Carrybeans

I could no longer claim myself as a “Star Wars Virgin” because I (finally) watched my first Star Wars movie last week.

Yes, you’ve read it right. My FIRST Star Wars movie. So, I decided not to have any expectations and instead, will use this movie as an indicator of whether I will become a Star Wars fan or go “nah…. It’s just a good sci-fi movie. No biggie.”

The Creatures

The first thing that caught my attention during the trailers were the creature Porg and also the crystal fox, Vulptex and I was not disappointed at all during the movie.

Porg was not only a cute creature that looked like a crossbreed of an owl and a seal, but that thing can make you laugh just by looking at it! And the Vulptex, made out of 25,000 crystals, was glorious to look at for every turn it made. Woah! That tinkling sound totally added to the gloriousness of it.

The Characters

Where do I start with this one?

Let’s do the love triangle first. So, is it Rose & Finn? Finn & Rey? Or Rey & Ren?

For me, I’m rooting for Rose & Finn. I like how they met for the first time. Rose was sort of this normal person who gets to meet a hero at a time where she least expects it to happen. And as the movie progresses, she rose to what was required of her in the moments of sheer distress and uncertainty.

The journey that she had with Finn as they were on the mission to look for the code breaker was romantic in a “galactic” way and it was one of the memorable scenes in this movie.

Rey, a Jedi in the making who worked hard to search for her parents. She couldn’t find peace unless she gets her answer to her search. This could be the factor that would contribute or even be the source of her pitfalls.

Would she get pass it? Could it be that she is Obi Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter? Will she and Ren be together? Because hey, you can’t deny that there is some sort of tension going on with these two especially during their many vision scenes. But wait, is there a possibility that they are related to each other? Urghhhhhh!!! So many questions!

By the way, Poe was an impulsive character and it was right for Holdo to tase him! Thanks, Holdo! He needed it.


Princess Leia & Master Luke Skywalker, what would Star Wars be without you?

Just another sci-fi movie I would say. I think what made the movie so rich and became one of the most awaited movies of the year was the journey that the fans had with Princess Leia and Master Luke throughout the years.

Carrie Fisher took the role of Princess Leia at the age of 19 and her last Star Wars movie that she acted on was when she was 60 years old. That is 41 years of playing the role of Princess Leia! She grew with the character and so did the character. I believe that Carrie would be proud of this movie as it was one of her last movies that she was able to be part of.  Carrie, truly this is a movie that is worthy of your remembrance. Rest in Peace Carrie. We will always remember you.

As for Master Luke, he faded away just like Grand Master Yoda after exerting much of his energy to have a holographic fight with Ren that Ren was not aware of. Luke, true to what he is until the very end, was the strongest Jedi that ever lived. Did he train Rey all that he could before disappearing from the screens? Was it enough for Rey to move forward as the presumed next Jedi? Another string of questions…


I left the cinemas with many questions

So many were left hanging and it somewhat fuelled in me (good job Rian Johnson) the need to find out what’s going to happen after this but I guess I would have to wait for the next one that is coming out in 2019.

With a solid 8/10 rating from us, it was a good movie with a balanced amount of storyline, characters, humour, mystical creatures and cinematography that we would definitely be on a lookout for the next one.


By the way, who’s going to play the part of Princess Leia though? I am curious to find out but for now, let me schedule some time to watch all the Star Wars movies that were ever produced.

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