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Movie Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Published on 09 July 2018|
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Ant-Man returns to bring us more action and laughter.

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

I’m not really big on Marvel movies, mainly because most of the time, superheroes don’t really appeal to me. So far, there are only three superhero movies that I really love; Wonder Woman (yes, I know that Wonder Woman is a DC character), Spider-man: Homecoming and Ant-Man.

Ant-Man always has a special spot in my heart because the lightness and the humour in the first movie were like no other compared to other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, the return of the size-shifting hero on the silver screen is something that I just cannot miss.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Superhero under house arrest

Ant-Man and the Wasp took place two years after the events in Captain America: Civil War. Due to his involvement with Captain America, Scott Lang /Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) was under house arrest. Three days before he is free, he dreamt of Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer), the wife of Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and mother of Hope van Dyne / Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), who was stuck in the quantum dimension decades ago. Thinking that the dream is some kind of message from Janet, the gang sets off to save her from the quantum dimension. Along the way, the met challenges in the form of Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), who has her own agenda in regards to Janet and the quantum dimension, and Sonny Burch, a criminal who wants Pym’s technology and sell it in the black market.

A nice change of pace from other Marvel movies

Similar to the first movie, the whole message of the movie revolves around family and second chances and that what makes this movie so appealing to everyone, even if they aren’t a fan of action or superhero movies. The overall feel for many Marvel movies tends to be darker and more serious and the movies often seems larger than life that it was hard for every day people like me to relate to it.

But that’s not true for Ant-Man and the Wasp. This movie is very fun and light-hearted. They don’t take themselves too seriously which makes it much more consumable to viewers of all ages. Besides that, the heroes aren’t fighting to save the world, unlike many other Marvel movies. Instead, the heroes are just trying to save one person that they love so much and the message of love and sacrifice is something that I can relate to myself.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Hillarious and action-packed

Credit: Marvel Studios

One thing that I really love about the first Ant-Man movie is the humour and how they don’t take themselves very seriously. Thankfully, that brand of humour returned in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Let’s admit it; the ability to change size at will is very cool but it can be pretty ridiculous at times. And the movie knows it pretty well. So, they incorporated it into their jokes and they did it quite effectively. From giant Ant-Man mistaken for a whale to the Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, they know how to use Ant-Man’s ability to bring laughter in the cinema.

However, the character that took the limelight and makes the whole movie funny is definitely Luis (Michael Peña). As with the previous one, Peña is the comic relief of the movie and his delivery in a few of the funny scenes was the highlight. If you watched the first movie and love his way of “storytelling”, then you won’t be disappointed in this one.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Besides that, the action in Ant-Man and the Wasp was something that I enjoyed very much. I’m usually apathetic to action scenes in movies but the one in this movie was done very well and it wasn’t as straight-forward as many action movies out there. The filmmakers have to incorporate the size-changing ability into the fight choreography and they managed to do it very well. The fight scenes were done tastefully and the transition between real-life action and CGI was done seamlessly. I also love how they managed to inject humour into the fighting scenes so that it wouldn’t be boring for people like me.

One of the movies that you shouldn’t miss this year

I actually tried my best thinking of any major gripes I had with the movie but I just couldn’t think of any. I enjoyed the story, the character, the humour and the message very much that I don’t think I had much to complain about the movie. Based on other online reviews, I’m pretty sure that Ant-Man and the Wasp has its own weaknesses, but the fun-ness of the movie eclipsed all of it for me.

If you want to watch this movie, don’t expect the story to be heavy and dark as Infinity War. The overall tone for Ant-Man and the Wasp is very light and fun. So it is the perfect movie to watch if you want to get away from the seriousness of Infinity War or if you want something to watch with your whole family. Having said that, the movie does get a little bit serious during the mid-credit scene, so don’t miss that (on the other hand, the end-credit scene was fun but you don’t really have to stay for that).

Ant-Man and the Wasp gets 9/10 from Carrybeans!

Credit: Marvel Studios

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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