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Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Published on 06 April 2018|
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A Quiet Place breaks the tradition of your usual fare of horror films.

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

I hate horror film; most of it rely too much on jump scares to provide the scary factor without having much substance in terms of its story. However, A Quiet Place provides us with a new and creative way to tell a solid horror story without relying too much on the usual horror movie tropes. And by doing so, it got me hooked right away.

Make too much noise and they will come to get you

Imagine living in a world where if you make just the slightest of sudden sound, you might find yourself dead. That is what the Abotts had to face everyday where monsters are after you and they can find you immediately if you make any noise. The Abotts managed to live their lives safely when everything turns for the worst in one night. Now, they have beat all odds and fight for their survival against a tough enemy. The movie stars Emily Blunt, John Krasinski (who is also the movie director), Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe.

What I love about the story is that they don’t shy in telling you who is the antagonist right away. In just the first 10 minutes, you are shown the monster, you got your first casualty and know the gravity of the whole situation immediately. The film makers doesn’t hide the monster in the darkness like many other horror movies out there. Instead, you get to see it up close and front as it hunts the Abotts.

Horror movie done right

Credit: Paramount Pictures

One outstanding thing about this movie is how immersive I was when watching it. I was kept at the edge of my seat as I was anticipating every worst thing that could happen to the family. Personally, I feel it is all thanks to the writers of the movie and the actors’ performance.

The characters, at most times, made sound decisions that are pretty uncommon in most horror flick and the actors managed to portray their character well and effectively especially through their facial expressions (all hail Emily Blunt) and body language. However, praises should also be given to the cinematography and soundtrack for bringing out the overall chilling mood that the movie portrays.

Besides that, I felt it was a clever move to have a movie that “lacks” spoken dialogue throughout but mind you, it didn’t make it any harder to understand the movie. In fact, the lack of dialogue makes the movie even better since the movie makers had to be more creative in their storytelling. There’s only two scenes that shows the character talking in their normal voice and the rest of the time, the Abotts had to rely on sign language to communicate.

But it’s not without its flaws

Despite getting most of the things right in the movie, it certainly is not without any flaws. Some of the plot points are quite predictable and dare I say, clichéd. One of it is the role of the cochlear implant given to Simmonds’ character towards their survival. Besides that, I feel the movie ends quite abruptly (but that Emily Blunt’s smile at the end tho). Just as I was on an adrenaline high when the monster going after the Abotts, the scene just cuts to the end credit. Even my friends were like “That’s it?”as we walked out of the cinema.

Double thumbs up from this horror movie hater

I was thrown into a roller coaster of emotions as I watched the movie; it got me terrified, confused, shocked, and elated as I watched the Abotts trying to fight for their lives. The story was solid and enjoyable, and the acting was top notch throughout the movie. On top of that, the lack of dialogue really brings out the best in terms of the storytelling as it forced the film makers to be more creative. Yes, the movie has it weaknesses, but thankfully it doesn’t sully my whole experience watching it.

Congratulations, A Quiet Place! You get 9/10 from us at Carrybeans.

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