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Movie Review – Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Published on 30 January 2018|
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The Maze Runner saga has come to an end!

by Eleni K, Carrybeans

Maze Runner: The Death Cure – An Epic Finale?

A trilogy that starts by gripping our hearts with a sense of thrill and mystery, we meet Thomas waking up in an elevator cage and not having any recollection of who he is. Now, more than three years later, we’re down to the last chapter that left us with __________ (insert your own feelings if you’ve seen it).

Maze Runner: The Death Cure hit cinemas recently, opening with the line, “In the epic finale to the Maze Runner saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet…..”

We’ll see.

In the Death Cure, the Gladers leader known for his love and loyalty to friends sets off by trying to save Minho, resulting in failure. And now in another attempt, Thomas ends up risking the “safety” of the people around him to enter ‘The Last City’, where the WCKD headquarters is.

Now let the maze begin…


The Maze of ‘Save One or Save All’

Throughout the entire trilogy, Thomas has battled this dilemma of his own. Seen as a savior by many (and hated by some), Thomas was put onto the pedestal of “Saviourship” to lead the Gladers in an escape from the maze and WCKD.

Credit: SciFi Now

Thomas has a soft side, and always wants to save all if he can. He will go all out to save even one (as seen here in the case for Minho) but after Teresa makes her announcement, he has the opportunity to save many. But where does Teresa’s allegiance lie?

Was Thomas able to navigate this maze in the end? Was he able save everyone in the course of saving one? What does he do when Teresa made the announcement? These questions will be answered in the closing chapter of the trilogy.

To save one or save many is a constant moral question that has faced humanity time and time again.


The Maze of ‘Uncharted Storylines’

In terms of story and plot development, there are other aspects of the story that could have been explored and further developed in addition to the saving of Minho. How many scenes can you make to show this guy is in need to saving? I feel this made the movie feel exceptionally long, when it was actually under two hours.

Credit: What Culture

Another uncharted storyline is whether Teresa is still in love with Thomas, inevitably. And what about Brenda who seems to be giving Thomas ‘longing’ looks? Could there have been a chance for Thomas to have fallen in love with her? Also, the fact that a whole city had to burn down was a tad bit over-dramatic and under-explained, not forgetting how Ava Paige gave up far too early in her search for the cure. As for the deaths of several characters, it’s not only poorly developed but could have been executed better too.

A little more drama and thrill wouldn’t have done this film any harm.


The Maze of ‘Distinctiveness and Charm’

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Maze Runner when it first came out in 2014. It’s one of those films that gives you thrill, excitement and an adrenaline rush, leaving you with a trail of mystery. It engages you wholeheartedly as you try to piece bits of information and ‘what ifs’ together.

The first chapter really had you at the edge of your seat. Even Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials didn’t do a bad job. But that didn’t happen for this one, and I wouldn’t blame anyone if they fell asleep watching it. The whole storyline was meh and predictable, just another movie with distinct characters but lacking the charm of the other two films. In fact, all the things we love about this franchise were non-existent and any effort sorely lacking.

It felt as though people said, “Oh, let’s get this over with and move on to our next project,” which is such a bummer because this amazing trilogy could have been done so, so much better.

I left thinking, “Seriously, after all the trouble they went through… that’s it? This is how the trilogy ends?” Yes, the finale to this epic saga has ended, and it was nothing short of a half-hearted attempt that flopped.

We’re giving it a rating of 7/10 for good action and cinematography but as a fan, I would give it a 6/10.

What do you think of the movie? Tell us in the comment section below.

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