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Only the Brave: Leadership lessons and life quotes to take home

Published on 23 November 2017|
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Military personnel, firefighters, and civil servants are the real heroes!

In June 2013, 19 elite firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives as they were battling with the Yarnell Hill fire. Check out our in-house movie review here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE_GY6zccqc]

Not only does the film make courage and bravery shine through, it also teaches us some valuable life lessons and leadership insights. Have a read.

It can be a costly mistake when leaders don’t trust people closest to the information.

At the beginning of the movie, ‘Sup’ Eric Marsh (John Brolin) advised Hotshots how to combat the fire, but he was ignored. That snobby ignorance of second-liners, as Marsh and his team were then, ended up costing hundreds of people to lose their homes.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Your attitude determines how high how you can go in your career or your organization. Duane Steinbrink (Jeff Bridges) ended up giving some valuable advice to Brolin, stating – “Attitude costs you, friend.” Leadership lesson, right there.

Well, turns out to be a life-saving advice (in some cases, or all)?

Leaders must always prepare for the unknown.

Marvel (Annie Docwell) told Amanda (Jennifer Conley) that—“Having your eyes open does not mean that you can see everything that is coming.” Good leadership is prepared for many things, including what’s likely to occur on everyone’s blind side.

Sometimes, desperation can be a gift that leads us to make the more difficult decisions.

Desperation helps us to grow up; it forces us to make difficult decisions when in difficult situations. Also sometimes, it causes you to sacrifice. It was only after McDonough (Miles Teller) got arrested for larceny, kicked out of the house for drug abuse and found out he had become a father that he actually grew up and got serious.

Your past mistakes can help people in the present.

As you find out later in the movie, Marsh was a recovering addict as well. It was this understanding that helped him demonstrate great leadership, relate to Mc Donough and offer him the job.

This film is a justified tribute to those firefighters. Watch the movie today and share your review with us in the comments section below.

Now you know why we gave it a great 8/10 rating.

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