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By Eleni K, Carrybeans

‘Tis the season of making moments and memories!

Ah…. Christmas. Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Kisses under the mistletoe for lovers, candy canes for kiddos who can’t stop running around, mothers cooking up scrumptious dinners and fathers trying to entertain the guest with their (self-professed) charm and wit.



Christmas traditions, anyone?

Everyone has their own version of “Christmas activities” they do on this special day or days before the big day. Just like in the short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Olaf was determined to collect Christmas traditions of the people of Arendelle to help Elsa and Anna with their first Christmas celebration (Aww Olaf… I wish you actually do exist in real life!)


There are many things that could make to the list of Christmas traditions. From hanging out with family and friends, wrapping gifts and sending out Christmas cards to our loved ones, to planning extensively for our Christmas shopping and not forgetting, catching up on Christmas movies and sleep (for those of us who are deprived of it).

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And those are just some of the things that our Carrybeanies love to do during this Christmas season.


It’s all about creating moments and memories…

Christmas season is a lot about creating memories with our loved ones. Setting up the Christmas tree is not just about putting up the tree but it is more than that. It is about the time spent putting it up as a family or with close friends.

The same goes for cooking and baking. It is not so much about the food (okay, maybe it is about the food… sometimes). It is about being together and making the food while sharing stories at the kitchen counter.

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And we can’t buy moments.

Moments and memories can only be enjoyed while they last. We can’t put a price on moments because it is priceless. At the same time, we can’t force someone to enjoy a moment with us, we can only let them enjoy it in their own way and at their own pace. And they can’t be crafted; we just have to let it happen.



So this Christmas, we at Carrybeans want to make it extra memorable for you!

Share with us your Christmas traditions by submitting it here or direct message us on our Facebook page. Contest starts on 6 Dec and ends on 20 Dec 2017.

We will pick the 5 most unique Christmas traditions. Prizes include an eye-catching notebook from our very generous sponsor, Salt x Paper, and a new Carrybeans t-shirt!

What are you waiting for? 

Click here to submit your tradition now!



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