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5 Catchy Songs from the Malaysian Music Scene

Published on 06 July 2018|
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Why look across oceans for good quality music when our own local music scene is just as good?

by Emily Mary Chin, Carrybeans

The Malaysian music scene has a style and energy all of its own.  Today, we’re going through some of Malaysia’s catchiest, most upbeat, stuck-in-your-head songs, from both the new generation and the old.

OAG – Beautifool

OAG is a pop and alternative rock band that’s been around since the early 90’s and is still a big influence on Malaysian music today.  They are credited with having been the first to break out of the mainstream Malay rock mould, creating a sound that remains uniquely their own until today.  Beautifool is a prime example of that, having withstood the test of time, and positioned itself as one of the catchiest songs of the last two decades.

GTXperiment – Off the Ledge

GTXperiment began in a way that most bands don’t.  They first came together as a band to compete in MTV Aloft Star in 2014, but it must have been a meeting of fate as they ended up winning the whole thing!  Consisting of two homegrown Sabahan talents—Clinton Liew and Jude Macson—they have performed all around West Malaysia, releasing both covers and originals with equal fervour and style.  But Off the Ledge has to be their catchiest song to date!

Too Phat – Just a Lil’ Bit

Joe Flizzow first entered the Malaysian hip-hop lexicon as one half of the rap duo, Too Phat.  He has since made a name for himself separate from Too Phat, following the release of his 2013 hit album, Havoc.  However, Too Phat still holds a special place in my heart for their youthful, lighthearted sound.  It has been 15 years since Just A Lil’ Bit was first released but it still stands timeless as an infinitely catchy song.

Paperplane Pursuit – Feel Good

Paperplane Pursuit is an electro-pop-rock band that’s made a whole career out of upbeat, catchy tunes.  Feel Good, in particular, has even managed to break onto the Billboard Top 40, with airplay all over American radio.  And listening to the song, you can tell why!  Its beat is fun and infectious, as is the boys’ cheeky charisma and carefree energy.

SonaOne – No More

SonaOne has established himself as a legitimate rapper in the Malaysian hip hop scene.  His album, Growing Up Sucks, is an exemplary representation of all the music that we’ve compiled here today.  His sound is youthful, his beats are lively, and his style is completely his own.  Songs like No More have changed the game here in Malaysia and opened local listeners up to a more international sound.

Malaysian music is killing the game

The local Malaysian music scene is going through quite a reckoning at the moment, with different genres and sounds now emerging where there wasn’t a space for them before.  What used to be mostly Malay alternative rock and soft ballads now only represent a small portion of what our local music scene has to offer.

And with that, I leave you with these high energy tunes to hopefully liven up your day and put you in a good mood!

Featured Image Credit: GTXperiment Facebook Page

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