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Movie Review: A Wrinkle in Time

Published on 13 March 2018|
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A Wrinkle In Time teased us with the good stuff, but did it manage to deliver at all?

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

Ever since the film was first announced, I was really excited to watch it on the big screen. Why wouldn’t I be? The movie promised A-list movie stars, female empowerment and Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah. Frickin’. Winfrey.

So, with Lady O herself on board, it was only natural that I, her biggest fan, would watch A Wrinkle in Time as soon as it was released. But when the day came, the movie was unfortunately not at all what I’d expected it to be.

Traveling through space…by wrinkling time?

The movie is based on Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 book of the same name. It tells the story of Meg Murry’s (Storm Reid) journey to find her missing father, Dr Alex Murry (Chris Pine) with the help of three astral travelers, Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey), Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), and Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling).

In her journey, she is accompanied by her brother Charles Wallace Murry (Deric McCabe) and a friend, Calvin O’Keefe (Levi Miller). The trio set out on a whirlwind journey where time doesn’t run the way we’re used to.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Normally, travelling to other planet is a very difficult task but these teens managed to do so quite easily, all thanks to a phenomenon known as tesseract.  This is basically a wrinkle in time, or folding of time. So, by “tessering”, they’re able to travel to different places with ease.

Good example of representation in media

When the movie was slated to hit the screens, the diversity of cast sent the world abuzz.

From its inception, people have been giving praises on how diverse A Wrinkle in Time’s cast is. In the original book, all of the characters are white. However, in this movie, the filmmakers employ a wide variety of cast from different racial backgrounds, including Asian, African American and Hispanic. And in the midst of this female empowerment era, seeing a movie with predominately female leads is a big plus for the film industry.

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Besides that, I must commend their costume and make-up departments. The astral travelers basically had a change of outfit whenever they travelled to a new place. And let me say that each one is stunning! The tiny details the costume designers paid attention to are also breathtaking — the three ladies’ outfits matched their personalities very well.

Just take a look at Winfrey and you will get a sense of strength, Kaling shows a display of intelligence and Witherspoon of whimsical magic. So kudos to the team for exhibiting wonderful creativity!

Another thing that the movie got right is the soundtrack. Any Disney movie isn’t complete without good songs and this one is no exception. One noteworthy song is Sia’s Magic, but I Believe by Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled is a head-bopper as well.

Story pacing needs a lot of work

That being said, a major flaw of the movie is definitely the story and its pacing. The pace is really weak and some parts are really draggy. By the end of the movie, my friends and I were hoping for the end credits to roll soon.

Also, some scenes in the trailer weren’t shown in the movie and that truly annoys me. However, it’s understandable that they had to cut some scenes because the final movie is already quite long (109 minutes running time).

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Then, there’s much to be desired in the CGI department. They employed so much CGI, but unfortunately it didn’t look as amazing as it could have been. For example, the first planet, Uriel, was supposed to be a beautiful, magical place. But they used a little too much CGI and made the world look so very fake.

All of these flaws really disappointed me since I expect Disney movies (at least ones that go onto the big screen) to be top-notch films of quality. Unfortunately, this one felt like a straight-to-video movie (speaking of which, there’s a made-for-television A Wrinkle in Time movie by Disney and let’s just say it’s not good either).

Do it for Oprah

In a nutshell, A Wrinkle in Time left me dissatisfied, especially there was so much hype. Sure, it nice to watch something with a good cast, but the story feels disjointed and the flow isn’t quite as smooth. And for a movie backed by a major production company and a budget of USD 100 million, the end result is unacceptable.

But if you want to see Oprah Winfrey in a metallic dress or admire ruggedly handsome Chris Pine, by all means give this movie a go. If not, though, you may want to spend your time watching something else instead.

Sorry, A Wrinkle in Time but we’re only giving you 4/10. But Oprah, you made it magical!

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

What do you think of the movie? Tell us in the comments below.

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