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Goodbye, rubbish! A zero trash movement is picking up in Sabah

Published on 26 June 2018|
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Do you want a trash-free city? These local volunteers want it badly enough that they’re acting on it.

It was all set up in less than a week. Last Sunday, a group of young volunteers decided to come together and literally, walk the streets to pick up any trash they come across.

According to the Borneo Post, these passionate youths formed the Zero Trash Penampang movement and get this, picked up more than four bags of rubbish in 20 minutes! Yes, that’s how much rubbish they found at the local tamu grounds that day.

Lasimbang: Encourage volunteerism among the younger generation

Assistant Minister of Education and Innovation Jenifer Lasimbang joined the youth for the clean-up exercise and was reportedly encouraged by the effort taken. She was happy to see this exercise that is meant “to encourage volunteerism among the younger generation.”

“It is time for us to come together, we live in the same space, we must elevate this awareness on cleanliness and hygiene. No more excuses, let us work together,” the Moyog assemblywoman said in the report.

Lasimbang also encouraged the public to divide their waste into organic and non-organic waste. She further advised shop-owners to be responsible about cleanliness and hygiene.

A volunteer-sponsored initiative once every two weeks

Around six people came for the Zero Trash Penampang initiative, cleaning up the tamu grounds before heading to surrounding shops and public spaces. One of the members, Addy Samsuddin, hails from Tawau. He had organised a clean-up of the Tawau highway during Ramadan, during which he said they picked up 30 bags of rubbish.

Zero Trash Penampang volunteer Doris Adit said the movement will conduct clean-up activities once every two weeks. If you’d like to join their effort, head over to Zero Trash Penampang.

Credit: Borneo Post

What can we do to keep our city clean?

Nearly all of us live in a city or town, but is littering part of our lifestyle? Let’s challenge ourselves not to litter or just dispose of rubbish in public spaces. We can help the local authorities by remembering these three things whenever we’re in a public space:

1. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints

2. If you brought it with you, don’t leave it there for someone else to pick up after

3. Rubbish belongs in rubbish bins. If you don’t see one, hold onto your rubbish until you have found a proper place to dispose of it.

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