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Sabah is facing a pork shortage, no joke

Published on 11 January 2018|
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Who ever thought that Sabah would one day face a shortage of pork?

by Tommy Duncan, Carrybeans


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Can you believe it?


At first, too much pork. Now, not enough!

But it wasn’t always about a lack of demand for pork. In fact, up until recently farmers struggled with over-supply of the meat.

According to a report by Borneo Post today, a local pig farmer opined that the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) back in 2014 started it all. The farmer claimed that the increased prices of meat led to a decline in demand.

The huge numbers in pig production among pig farm operator became a financial burden, as profits could not cover the daily upkeep and maintenance of the farms . In an effort to curb their losses, farmers began reducing production.

However, that’s all changed with the wave of tourism sweeping the state.


Increase in tourists has led to rising demand

As Sabah rises in the ranks of popular tourist destinations, tourists are starting to dictate dining demand. Tourists from China, in particular, tremendously enjoy pork-based dishes.

Credit: My Sabah

And so now we’re seeing a complete reversal of the situation. Demand is fast exceeding supply, and the state is stepping in to take action and increase production again.

Pig farmers have been asked to increase supply by 10-20%.

Unfortunately, the rearing process of piglets requires at least one year. So, we’re going to be facing a pork shortage until August or September.  Nothing’s been mentioned about sinalau bakas, though.


Chinese New Year is coming, so plan your porky dishes

Guys, since Chinese New Year is fast approaching it may be a good idea to start planning now. Consider the dishes for your reunion dinner — with a pork shortage, maybe more fish this year?

Well, at least the saying 年年有余 (nian nian you yu) will come true for all of us!

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Are you a pork-eater? How do you feel about the impending shortage of pork? Let us know in the comments below!

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