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Mexico’s Dark Secret: 5-Star Resorts Accused of Drugging Tourists?

Published on 02 October 2017|
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The U.S. government warns tourists of tainted alcohol in some of Mexico’s elite resorts.

Never in her wildest dreams did Abbey Conner thought that a family vacation would end in a deadly tragedy. Early this year, 20-year-old Abbey travelled to Mexico along with her family and stayed at an all-inclusive five-star Iberostar Paraiso Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

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According to ABC News, the victim’s parents left Abbey and her brother, Austin, 23, at the hotel pool and went to get ready for dinner. When the siblings did not show up for dinner, their parents tried to reach them out of worry. Later, a resort guest found the siblings floating with their faces head down in the swimming pool. Abbey Conner succumbed to a broken collarbone and brain damage in a Florida hospital days later.

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Austin Conner suffered a concussion and a golf ball-sized lump on his head. When asked if he remembers anything, he said he doesn’t know how many shots they took. The last thing he remembered was sitting and talking at the bar with the lights going out. The next thing he knew was waking up in the ambulance.

Although Mexican officials declared Abbey Conner’s death to be an accidental drowning, the family isn’t satisfied with the findings. They believe that there was more to her death than excessive alcohol. During the investigation, the attorney hired by Conner’s family showed up with something disturbing. A toxicology report from the Playa del Carmen medical clinic showed that the level of blood alcohol for both of the siblings were at .25. It was three times the limit in Wisconsin.

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According to Abbey’s stepfather, “the Mexico resort under question served potentially dangerous concoctions of low-quality alcohol in excessive amount”. Bars might be serving bootleg drinks infused with deadly concentrations of methanol and ethanol, reports warn.

Other victims also shed light on the recent case. They told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that they experienced a blackout, sexual assault, robbery and injuries after drinking at Iberostar Paraiso and other resorts in recent months.

Mexico officials reported that they had seized nearly 1.4 million gallons of drugged alcoholic drinks from Mexican clubs, bars, manufacturers and resorts over the last few years. The question is: why are Mexican resorts drugging tourists?

Robbery? In one case, two teenage brothers on vacation in Mexico woke up covered in mud with their shoes, clothes and cell phones missing. Neither of them could recall what happened.

Sexual assault? One Wisconsin woman reported sexual assault while she and her husband were unconscious.

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Extortion? Some vacationers suspected Iberostar are in cahoots with local hospitals, which demand a large sum of cash for injured and sick guests. Abbey’s family paid around $17,000 to a small local hospital in Playa del Carmen. They also paid tens of thousands more to a hospital in Cancun where Abbey and her brother were transferred.

According to the Conner family attorney: are all-inclusive Mexican resorts using bootleg booze to cut expenses?

That’s the question we hope to get an answer to sooner than later.

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