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Weird Stuff: Man bites into iPhone battery to check if it’s real

Published on 26 January 2018|
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Guys, let’s agree on this. If you want to test any sort of technology or hardware, kindly ask the professionals.

by Tommy Duncan, Carrybeans


Battery explodes after man tries to ‘test’ new battery with his teeth

On January 19, a man paid a painful price when he tried to take matters into his own hands. Camera security footage captured in Nanjing City, China showed a man in an electrical shop trying to buy a battery. According to news reports, he was trying to find a replacement battery as his old one had called it a day.

Credit: Rawpixel.com

In a bizarre turn of events, the man then proceeded to bite the battery to check its authenticity and durability. We’re trying to understand why; perhaps it’s because people tend to bite into gold to make sure it is real (pure gold is a soft metal).

In this very different case, however, the bite caused a catastrophic rupture to the battery and the product burst into flames. Thankfully no one in the store was injured from the incident. Of course people were shocked and startled, but who wouldn’t be?

If you missed the video, you can check out the footage below:

What happened? How does a phone battery work?

Well, lithium-ion batteries are found in most smartphones. Lithium batteries have two ends, and recharge when ions move from one end to the other. 

The first end, the cathode, is a metal oxide cathode made from cobalt, nickel, manganese or iron mix. The second end is the anode and is usually made from carbon. In between lie electrolytes. When charging, electrolytes move from one end to the other. It is during this process that the battery stores energy, and that’s what we call ‘charging’.

Credit: Jural Min

Upon biting into the casing (wow, this guy must have a really strong teeth), he ruptured the transmission, causing the anode and cathode to come into contact with one another. The charge spiked  and ended in a bang.


Chinese electronics stores are notoriously known for selling fake goods, so we understand that the guy just wanted to make sure that he is paying for the real deal. But, don’t risk your health and safety. Let the professionals handle it.

Have you encountered something similar? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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