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Indira Gandhi is without doubt a courageous lady

Published on 29 March 2018|
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Indira Gandhi is our very own Woman of Courage!

by Emily Mary Chin, Carrybeans

The United States Embassy of Malaysia has nominated M. Indira Gandhi as their pick for the US Department of State’s International Women of Courage (IWOC) award.

Indira Gandhi

Credit: The Star

Indira has only just recently won an extensive 9-year court battle against the unilateral conversion of her three children.  Her courage throughout the entire process is a prime example of a mother’s unlimited capacity for strength when her children’s well-being is in question.

Indira’s journey

The uphill battle first began in 2009 when her estranged ex-husband abducted her then 11-month old child, Prasana, from her home.  After the incident, she was unable to locate him or Prasana. She heard no word of him until news broke out that he had converted himself and their children to Islam without her knowledge. A few days later, he received full custody rights of all three children.

Diary of Prasana is a documentary directed by Norhayati Kaprawi that puts the spotlight on Indira’s journey.  It was first screened by the Freedom Film Network in conjunction with Freedom Film Festival 2017.  At the time of filming, she had not seen her youngest daughter in eight years.  Indira’s hope was that Prasana may one day watch the documentary.  Then, she would know for herself what she had missed in the time she was gone.

Indira’s bravery

Since 2007, the IWOC Award has been given to women who fight for peace, equality and empowerment in the face of adversity. As a nominee, Indira has done exactly that in her almost decade-long journey towards justice.  She has fought long and hard for her children’s freedom, in a way that only a mother could.

But her victory has been bittersweet.  It has been nine years since her ex-husband abducted Prasana, now 10-years old, from her home. She has not seen her since. Throughout the legal proceedings, Indira has wanted nothing more than to see her daughter again, regardless of her chosen religion.

For Indira, the battle is not truly over until she is reunited with Prasana. This courageous woman’s journey serves as an inspiration to all women, reminding us that a mother’s love has no bounds.

Do you think a mother’s love has any limits?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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